Richard Madden Workout Routine and Diet Plan 

By | March 14, 2023

Richard Madden Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Amazon Prime just dropped the Trailer of the Spy thriller ‘Citadel’ and people can’t keep calm. Starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Richard Madden, and Stanley Tucci, the trailer looks promising and seems to really be an exciting ride. Richard Madden is. Talented Scottish actor who started his career as a child actor at age 11 and went on to star in various projects. But his breakthrough role was that of Robb Stark in the HBO series ‘The Game of Thrones’. Another project titled ‘Cinderella’ by Disney Productions also brought him fame through his character of Prince Kit.

The actor is not just a good actor but also has good physical health. For instance, the actor insisted on performing his stunts himself, which he claimed infuriated the stunt doubles for some time, during his shoot for The Game of Thrones.

So, in this post, we will try to find some tips from Richard Madden Workout Routine and Diet Plan that we can employ in our daily schedules to get the best results from our daily efforts around fitness and health.


Richard Madden Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Richard Madden Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Richard Madden Body Stats

Height 5 feet 11 inches
Weight 77 kgs
Age  36 years
Shoulders 38 inches
Waist 31 inches
Biceps 15 inches

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Richard Madden Workout Routine

Richard Madden has time and again criticized the unrealistic standards set for male actors in terms of physical shape. Richard has also been asked to lose weight for several of his roles, and he looks fabulous in a ripped physique. Richard Madden was called a heartthrob for his role as David Budd in BBC’s ‘One’s Bodyguard’. Richard also won a golden globe for this project. In some of his other projects like  Ibiza and Medici and Cinderella, he looked good too. 


Richards Take on Beauty Standards for actors

Richard Madden has of course criticized the need for a toned ripped body for an Actor’s job. In fact, he has revealed that he doesn’t like to roam around in six-packs all around the year and would much rather prefer to eat his food with enjoyment than train twice a day and eat nothing. But he carries an average physique year round which is of course very healthy. We at healthyogi have always stood for long-term true fitness which gives you a real shield against diseases and isn’t just aesthetics. 



As we already told you, the actor carries a pretty fit stature throughout the year. This he does through running. He runs marathons, over the mountains and even in the rain. Thus Madden’s core training is Running regularly. One may safely say that Madden involves himself only in training that he enjoys regularly which is Running. He often posts his selfies after a long and exhausting run. Running was also part of his basic training for Game of Thrones and Bodyguard.

The actor suffered an ankle injury recently but was more than happy to recover from it and restart his regular Runs, especially Marathons. He posted a picture of his return to Running a half marathon (22 km); which tells us how much he loves those sweaty running sessions.


Training for Roles 

As mentioned, the actor seems to not be a gym freak and finds regular strict gymming to be a block in the performance of his job as an actor efficiently. So he keeps a sustainable approach and maintains fitness through being an avid runner. But when he trains, he gives it his all. We mean look at his drop-dead gorgeous physique in Bodyguard and the way he donned the physique of a warrior in The Game of Thrones.


Richard Madden Workout Routine

Richard Madden Workout Routine


Richard Madden Workout Routine includes: 

Weight Training 

Various websites report that Madden was put on a strict workout and diet routine for Game of Thrones which involved a lot of weight training. This was done through medicine ball drills and regular exercise with dumbbells and kettlebells. Medicine balls are becoming quite common with the range of exercises it supports.

Weight training is the essence of a masculine-toned body that has a good proportion of muscles. Weight Training includes Squats, Various muscle-specific lifts – like Bench Press, pushups, pull-ups, Squats, Lunges, and Cable Work.


Cable Workout

The training of GoT stars started with a 15-minute treadmill session that got the body moving and served as a warm-up. The session ended with Cable Workout. Cable Workout is working out by pulling a rope that has a weight attached to its end. Cable Workouts are effective in building muscles by tearing down muscle fibers that are subsequently enlarged.

He also did skill-specific training in Sword work and Rode Horses for GoT which of course helps in burning calories and brings shape to your body.

That’s all for Richard Madden Workout Routine.

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Richard Madden Diet Plan 

Richard does not like to keep himself on a carb-restricted diet. For example, in an interview, he said he likes eating bread and Potatoes and basically everything but of course under reasonable moderation. But when he trains his food choices to revolve around lean proteins, whole grains, oats, cereals, and good fats.

Madden starts his day with eggs and then has some cereals.

For lunch, he has Fish or Chicken with veggies and a similar serving for Dinner.

The actor also consumes protein shakes and green smoothies. Green smoothies give you lots of vitamins and remove toxins from your body.


Richard Madden Diet Plan 

Richard Madden Diet Plan


Is Richard Madden Vegan?

No, he is not Vegan.

That’s all for Richard Madden Diet Plan.

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