Sergiño Dest Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | December 7, 2022

Sergiño Dest Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Sergiño Dest is a full-back professional player for U.S.A national team and AC Milan club. Sergino has also served Barca for a few years, and now he is an athlete for the AC Milan club. However, everyone is shocked by his astounding skills. His aggression on the field tells a lot about his seriousness towards his team. The way he plays is hard to decrypt and has saved his team many times.

However, this is not the only thing he is good at fans are always overwhelmed to see him in his best form. But, many of us don’t know how sergino keeps himself in such a shape.

Sergino is a young athlete and has millions of followers on Instagram. His fans gaze at him not only for his style of play but also for his looks and physique. Sergino has a Gentle personality. His humble nature has helped him gain such an audience across the world. He is so humble that he always tries to interact with his fans. So, today we will discuss Sergiño Dest’s workout routine and diet plan that even you can follow.

Sergiño Dest Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Sergiño Dest Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Sergiño Dest Body Stats:

Height 5 ft 8 inch
Weight 68 kg
Age 22 yrs

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Sergiño Dest Workout Routine

The workout regime plays the most crucial role in the lives of athletes. Likewise, it’s not different for sergino dest. He undergoes a strict workout routine that helps him play better. Sergino’s defensive style has helped him sharpen his reflexes. But to do so, he has added variation to his workout routine, which includes many mobility drills. Now, let’s look after the sergino dest workout regime.

Sergiño Dest Workout routine includes,

Mobility drills

Mobility is the key factor in football. It helps a player maximize his potential. So, players like sergino do a lot of mobility drills that help them move swiftly on the field. These drills include core strength and mainly lower body (legs) sprinting, which is also a type of mobility drill. Mobility drills assure flexibility and increase muscle endurance of the player, which reduces breaking out a sweat. Mobility drills are a daily part of sergino dest’s workout routine.


Strength training

Strength training is the key factor that helps players like sergino dest perform better on the field. It helps in building muscles and strengthening the core. It includes a variety of exercises that targets the muscles evenly. However, strength training differs from person to person. So, now let us see what kind of strength training sergino dest do.

Sergiño Dest Workout Routine

Sergiño Dest Workout Routine

Weight training

Weight training is also a part of strength training. It involves training using weights as sergino is an athlete, and he requires maximum flexibility. So he trains hypertrophy and focuses more on the mobility and shape of the muscles sergino lifts decent weights and hits the gym six times a week.


Resistance training

Resistance training creates friction and puts tension on the muscles resulting in a muscle tear. It helps in increasing mobility and stability Which improvises muscle endurance. 

Resistance training is a lifesaver when it comes to flexibility. It helps in stretching the muscles to their peak, which gives players the benefit of moving freely. Almost 90 per cent of the athletes do resistance training for maximum flexibility and fewer injuries.


is the game-maker for football athletes. However, the cardio techniques they use are very intense and hard to follow. Sergino does a lot of sprint and velocity training for ultimate speed in the game. His cardio sessions also include doing 40 rounds of ground accompanied by an elliptical in the gym.


The takeaway for you:

To have a physique like sergino you can take away these points from his workout regime:

~ strength training (weight training, CrossFit etc.)

To have a toned physique, you can try some strength training accompanied by weight and resistance training. 

Weight training includes a variety of isolated and compound moments that can help you gain muscle and give your body a perfect shape.  You can even try resistance training if you are not compatible with weights.

~ Goal-based cardio

You can try including some target-based cardio exercises like 20 mins sprint or daily 10000 steps this will help you burn out calories and improve your cardiovascular system.

That’s all for Sergino dest workout routine.

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Sergiño Dest Diet Plan

Sergiño Dest Diet Plan

Sergiño Dest Diet Plan

Out of 100 percent, only 30 percent role is played by workouts other 70 percent is played by diet. Yes! Diet is the most prominent factor in bodybuilding. So, even sergino dest follows a clean diet that helps him maintain his body. A proper diet helps the body recover faster that’s why sergino eats up to 80 percent clean food and 20 of his choice which helps him maintain his diet properly.

Is Sergino dest a vegan?

No, Sergino dest is not a vegan.

That’s all for Sergino Dest Diet Plan.

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