Tana Cogan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | October 16, 2019
Tana Cogan Workout Routine and Diet Plan
Tana Cogan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Tana Cogan Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Hello, we are going to discuss the TANA COGAN WORKOUT ROUTINE” and TANA COGAN DIET PLAN”. Before that here is brief information about her. Tana Cogan was born on  November 6, 1990, in Las Vegas. She is best known as a  fitness instructor and MMA model role who founded the Various online training program. One such famous program of her was “Train with Tana”. She also shares her workout routine tips and tricks on Instagram and on various other social media platforms.

Tana Cogan has over more than  1.6 million followers on Instagram and also she is a huge fan of fitness model Jen Selter and she often reposts her some inspirational quotes. Tana Say in an Interview that “ My Mother used to take unwillingly to the gym but, slowly I get started obsessed with gymming or you can say with lifting.

If we talk about her professional career then according to most magazines she is included in the list of most famous fitness instructors. Also, She is one of the richest instructors who was born in Nevada (NV). Her estimated Net worth is around 1 million to 5 million.

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 Tana Cogan Body Measurements (Physical Stats)  

Age  27years 
Height  5 feet  3 inches (155cm approx..)
Weight  135 lbs( 61.2 kg approx..)
Hair Black 
Eyes  Hazel green
Sexual Orientation Straight
Waist  27
Bust  34
Hips  28

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Tana Cogan Workout Routine 

When it comes to fitness, Tana Cogan believes “How Many Days you’ll build it to the gym and the way long you would like to spend there!”

Tana Cogan usually recommends 3-5 days for a minimum of an hour however if you’ll solely do 3 days every week for half-hour then begin with that. Tana Cogan does 5-6 days every week. She goes for a minimum of an hour to an hour and a half reckoning on my energy for that day.

So her spilled is usually…

Tana Cogan Workout Routine 

Tana Cogan Workout Routine

“Tana Cogan Workout routine chart”:

  • Day 1: Legs


  • Day 2: Back/ Core/Cardio


  • Day 3: Shoulders/Arms/Cardio


  • Day 4: Legs


  • Day 5: Higher Body or Full Body/ Cardio


  • Day 6: Core/Cardio
Tana Cogan Exercise Routine 

Tana Cogan Exercise Routine

Tana Cogan suggests everyone attempting to figure every muscle cluster doubly every week and have a minimum of forty-eight hours of rest in between operating major muscle teams. Thus for instance, if you’re employed legs on Monday then wait a minimum of forty-eight hours to coach legs once more however you’ll work for alternative muscle groups in between.

After she trains herself performs 6-12 exercises per coaching session. It simply depends on her energy levels and mood that day! Reps and Sets to do for you according to your fitness goal and timetable.

  • Lose and Tone: 12-15 reps 3-4 sets
  • Gain Muscle: 6-10 reps 4-5 sets
  • Endurance: 15-20 reps 3-4 sets
  • Strength: 1-5 reps 5-8 sets

This additionally depends on your physique thus manipulate with the reps and sets. When it involves diet or fitness, there’s plenty of trial and error once doing it yourself. The secret is don’t quit and if you actually stand still reach out for an instructor who will guide you. This is all about the Tana Cogan workout routine and exercise plan.

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Tana Cogan Diet Plan  

Here is Tana Cogan Complete diet plan Which she eats from waking up to till she’s going to sleep.

To start my day I prefer 1 glass lemon water or green tea. Sometimes coffee would be a great idea Just depends on my mood. But when I know I need to be in shape. I do Lemon and Water says Tana Cogan.

Here is a full Tana Cogan diet plan.

Tana Cogan Diet Plan  

Tana Cogan Diet Plan

  • Breakfast In Tana Cogan Diet Plan:

Tana Cogan prefers to do Eggs and Avocado, and if she falls short of time then she will make a protein shake with paste in it. After her exercise, she gets home and has a Snack, and then she just drinks a pair of my protein pancakes and a few Berries.


  • Middle Day Meal In Tana Cogan Diet Plan 

Tana Cogan specializes in obtaining her protein supply, vegetable, carb, and fat to create positive so that she has the energy to go through the rest of the day.

  • For Dinner In Tana Cogan Diet Plan

Tana Cogan prefers some protein sources like chicken and asparagus for the most half, cook or she will cook up some rice or potato. Most are completely different thus it’s vital to feature in what you are feeling your body wants.

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Tana Cogan Workout Video


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Tana Cogan Instagram Photos

Tana Cogan Beauty HD Photo

Tana Cogan Beauty HD Photo

Tana Cogan Fitness

Tana Cogan Fitness

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Tana Cogan Workout Motivation HD Photo


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