Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss

By | September 29, 2023

Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss: Vanessa Bryant is an American Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Model. She is the wife of the late Kobe Bryant. After the tragic demise of the Basketball legend, the woman has left no stone unturned to build upon the legacy left by Kobe. She has overtaken all the businesses, takes complete care of the children, and is a true inspiration on how to get going with such grief. 

Vanessa takes care of herself too. She hasn’t abandoned herself while learning to continue life. She looks stunning in all her pictures and can often be seen modeling, which is one thing she has always loved.  Recently, Vanessa shared some pictures on her Instagram page, where she looked noticeably thinner. Besides maintaining her physique, the former model takes good care of her workout routines too, it seems.  People are now curious about how she lost that weight, and what’s the secret behind looking stunning at every age.

Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss

Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss

In this post, we will discuss her journey to these gorgeous weight loss results and also dig deep into her diet plan.Here’s a look at Vanessa Bryant’s Body Stats-:

Height 5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight  55 Kgs
Age 41 Years
Waist 24 Inches
Shoulders 30 Inches

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Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss Workout Routine

Vanessa Bryant has been in the show business for quite some time now. She has been quite seasoned at modeling and knows how to don a perfect dress and look ethereal in it.  But her recent weight loss has left her 16 Million Instagram followers shocked at the results. The American personality looks healthier and much more active in her recent appearances. 

Vanessa has opened up about her struggles with weight gain in the past. She shared that she is not a fan of restrictive diets. Then what went into Vanessa’s recent weight loss? She resorted to a workout routine that worked for her body and maintained a disciplined approach to food.

Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss Workout Routine

Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss Workout Routine

Vanessa Bryant Workout Routine Includes-:


It seems the businesswoman loves music. She can often be seen in concerts with her children. She really enjoys vibing with the music. And Vanessa used this interest in music to get the weight loss results. In an interview, she revealed that she prefers a lifestyle that does not hamper her daily routines. She is also an advocate for body positivity and has often talked about shedding the weight gained during pregnancy. 

Dancing has been one of Vanessa’s favorite ways to shed those kilos without getting on very strict diets. Dancing regularly is known to build lean muscles, improve cardiovascular capacity, and increase metabolism. It is also one of the few effective stress relievers and dancing was a significant part of Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss Workout Routine.


Weight Training

The model also did light strength training. She did a routine of simple kettlebell exercises like Squats, Plank, Arm Raises, Push-ups, and Pull-ups. The actress also worked extensively on her flexibility by stretching and performing flexibility exercises, including some Yoga Poses. So, Weight Training was not very intense for Vanessa.

Regular Weight Training protects bone density, which is an issue with people past their 30s. It builds muscles too, that keeps the metabolism in check. So, Weight Training can be one of the best ways to lose weight quickly but without compromising on health.



Walking on vacations has been a consistent part of Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss Journey. She went on many vacations recently, and it seems the vacations have actually helped her slim down. She likes to explore on vacations by walking around the city. Walking regularly is the best exercise for people of every age group. It’s effective for building cardiovascular strength and improves digestion and circulation. 


Approach to Fitness

Vanessa has been quite vocal with her journey to accepting her body. She shared in an interview that she found no success with restrictive diets when it comes to shedding pregnancy weight.  Vanessa has also talked about her journey to accepting her body and treating it with respect.  So, the star celebrity doesn’t strive towards a perfect physique and instead likes to enjoy the process. This allows her the discipline to get the desired results.

That is all for Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss Workout Routine.

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Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss Diet Plan

Vanessa focused much more extensively on her diet plan than on getting into a strict workout routine or insane caloric intake restrictions. 

She focused on simple and doable steps, like eating snacks at regular intervals, getting her macros right, and building a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss Diet Plan

Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss Diet Plan

Eating Regularly

Instead of going for restrictive diets like intermittent fasting or a strict diet plan, the model resorted to eating light meals throughout the day. Eating regularly helps manage sugar spikes and builds a good metabolism. It’s also known to curb weight gain and improve digestion which allows you to have a much more energetic day. Further, she also cut out Sugary and processed food as much as possible which helped her reduce toxins in the body and aid weight loss.


Regular Deep Sleep

Venessa Bryant has always stressed the value of regular deep sleep. Relaxing the body, mind, and soul, off the stretches of daily life has helped her in maintaining her emotional wellness, especially since the demise of Kobe. 

Regular Deep sleep detoxifies the body, repairs muscle wear and tear, and gives you a calmer body and mind that helps deal with your daily stresses better. It also helps you manage cravings better. 

So, regular Deep sleep is one of the best things you can give your body, to achieve effective results like Vanessa Bryant.

Is Vanessa Bryant Vegan?

No, Vanessa Bryant is not Vegan.

That is all for Vanessa Bryant Weight Loss Workout Routine and Diet Plan.

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