Victoria Song Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | September 16, 2022

Victoria Song Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Victoria Song Qian is an Asian actress known for her incredible singing and acting. Victoria is a young actress, and her looks are so stunning. Apart from her acting career, victoria is also a renowned k-pop singer.

While talking about victoria, let’s not forget how her fans are crazy over her looks. Victoria’s physique is something that today’s youth aspire to look like. However, the reason behind her toned and fabulous physique is still unknown. Over the globe, her fans appreciate the way she looks and considers her a goddess. To know the reason behind her goddess physique, keep reading. 


Victoria Song Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Victoria Song Diet Plan and Workout Routine

 Victoria Song Body Stats

Height  5 ft 6 inch
Weight 51kgs
Age 35 yrs
Breast      –
Waist     –
Hips     – 

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Victoria Song Workout Routine

Song gained fame in the show we got married, season 2, where she played the role of herself. Her fans were left in awe after seeing her in the show. Apart from this, victoria has also featured in the movie ice fantasy. Her acting skills were always on top, but what surprised everyone was her action in the movie; her moves were swift and perfect.

The reason behind her moves had left many of her fans shocked. Victoria is a big fan of working, and her favorite thing is doing martial arts. Yes! The reason behind her swift moves was her martial arts practice, which helped her perform well.

Victoria has a lean and aesthetic figure but do you know what helped her maintain it? Working out, yes, victoria is a workout chunk, and she likes to perform various workouts. There is one thing that her fans like about her a lot, and it’s her remarkable flexibility.

Victoria is so flexible that she can twist her physique, most possibly, but her flexibility came from a lot of practice and training to know how to become flexible, scroll down and enjoy.


Victoria Song Workout Routine

Victoria Song Workout Routine


Victoria Song workout includes:

Martial arts 

Victoria is a martial artist and likes to do it. Victoria is of Chinese origin and has grown up watching Chinese action movies. However, victoria is a kind person and dislikes harming someone, but her kindness is limited to an extent. Victoria has learned martial arts and performed in action movies and shows.

Victoria likes to perform martial arts as it relieves her stress and makes her powerful. Martial arts is undoubtedly one of the best ways to train the body from head to toe. Martial arts requires a lot of focus and willpower. If you are willing to have a lean and slim physique like Victoria’s song, then you should try doing some martial arts. You can start with the basics of karate and MMA.  



From a very young age, Victoria was sent to a local dance school in china. Her dancing skills are remarkable, and her dashing moves are always a talk over the internet. Many of her fans enjoy her dance videos and request her to make more of them.

Dancing is an excellent way to burn calories and train the body. Dancing covers the whole body, helps increase mobility, and is recommended by many fitness enthusiasts. It is not known by many but dancing improves the cardiovascular system and helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Dancing has many benefits, so it is recommended that you should dance for atleast 15 to 30 mins daily. Dancing can help you burn calories and will be a good pair for cardio. 


Victoria Song Workout Routine

Victoria Song Workout Routine



Thanks to swimming, that victoria song has such remarkable flexibility. Victoria is a great swimmer who likes to swim a lot. 

Swimming is a great exercise and helps increase the body’s stability. Swimming involves the moment of the whole body that includes stretching the muscles, which creates a massive impact on the body and helps it move freely. If you want to achieve a physique like Victoria Song, you should try swimming daily to increase flexibility.



As we know, victoria is a fan of working out and exercising. She also likes to go to the gym for weight and strength training. Victoria does isolated and compound workouts for proper muscle moments. Working out like victoria can help you achieve your dream physique. It would be best to try hitting the gym three times a week to improve muscle strength.

That’s all for Victoria Song workout routine.

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Victoria Song Diet Plan

Victoria Song has a small and lean physique; to maintain this, she follows a balanced and structured diet. However, sometimes dieting becomes challenging for her, but as she workouts so much, she doesn’t require to be in maintenance calories daily.


Victoria Song Diet Plan

Victoria Song Diet Plan


is victoria Song a vegan?

No, Victoria Song is not vegan.


Victoria Song diet plan includes:


  • Bread butter with salad and fresh cream and 250 ml milk.



  • Salmon with veggies and eggs. 



  • Chicken breasts, prawns, and some veggies.

That’s all for the Victoria Song Diet plan.

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