Emily Carey Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | September 16, 2022

Emily Carey Diet Plan and Workout Routine: ‘House of the Dragons’ is making rounds all over the Internet. With the acquired fanbase of Game of Thrones, the spin-around series of GOT is already getting lots of attention and news coverage. Emily Carey, a 19 years old English Actress and model plays the role of Alicent Hightower and she is also capturing a lot of eyeballs for her role, acting as well as beautiful physique.

In this post, we will look at her workout and diet plans that we can discern from her personal social media pages.


Emily Carey Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Emily Carey Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Emily Carey Body Stats

Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 50 kgs
Age 19 years
Shoulders 30 inches
Waist 28 inches

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Emily Carey Workout Routine

Emily has a naturally lean typical teenage body. Being young definitely has something to do with it, but she perfectly fits into the stereotypical mold of what is considered beautiful. But she also maintains it with good food and regular efforts.

As she is very young and has a relatively higher metabolism, it’s easier to not put on much weight.


Emily Carey Workout Routine

Emily Carey Workout Routine


Nature Walks

In a recent Instagram post, Emily can be seen enjoying good exposure to nature. Direct exposure to nature is not just refreshing, it’s also an encounter with the healing powers of nature. You can reap great benefits with regular movement into the woods in terms of better moods, better creative thinking along with all the benefits of traditional walking. It also builds muscles and strengthens bones. So, maybe it’s time to reconnect with your neighbors for a good walk.


Weight Training

Regular guided weight training has proven benefits for teenagers, it’s not just helpful for muscle building and toning, but also improves blood circulation through the body and gives all the benefits of better attention span and cognitive skills. Emily Carey also has lean muscles and being an actress with strict schedules, muscles provide overall stamina and improve immunity.



Emily is also a model and being a model requires some tough burning of the muscles to fit into premium clothes. Cycling is an efficient way to reach there. Indoor or outdoor cycling is high-level cardio that burns around 400 calories in an hour. It tones your lower body, is recreational, and builds lean muscles that increase calorie burning capacity of your body during rest which is the ultimate indicator of metabolism. So you can add cycling to your daily routine for a well toned body, that’s agile and energetic.



Lunges are another exercise that targets your broad group of muscles. Being a teenager, it’s easier to pick up habits, Emily seems to have taken up great habits that are working in her favor in terms of career and look. A good exercise regime is one such habit. Lunges are great for your abdomen, glutes, calves, and back muscles. It also works on your overall posture and stabilizes your core. So you should incorporate 2 sets of 15 lunges per leg in your workout routine and progressively increase the number of sets.



Yoga is another set of exercises that is utterly beneficial for teenagers. It works on your mind to stabilize hormonal imbalances that your body is prone to at this age. Further, it builds a foundation for a life of balance and integrity when performed on a regular basis along with enough knowledge of the philosophy of yoga. Though Emily doesn’t give any sign of direct connection with Yoga, if you want to achieve a body like hers, you can definitely incorporate it. Yoga classes in your physical fitness routines. This is all about Emily Carey Workout Routine.

This is all about Emily Carey Workout Routine.

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Emily Carey Diet Plan

Emily’s diet or workout doesn’t seem to have a lot of routines and rules, but it does have a base of moderation. Moderation brings to you the best of both worlds. 


Emily Carey Diet Plan

Emily Carey Diet Plan


Is Emily Carey Vegan?

No, she is not Vegan.



In a recent Instagram post, the actress shared some glimpses from her friend’s night out dinner. In the post, we saw a bowl of dessert. In the world of villainizing sugar, it’s practically impossible to completely cut out sugar. That’s why we at healthyogi always stand for moderation and discipline rather than strict routines and guidelines. So, Emily enjoys her Sweet tooth once in a while but with moderation and portion control. So some Dessert doesn’t harm when you have discipline and consistency in your routines.


Fast Food

In another couple of posts, Emily can be seen enjoying her Pizzas. Now, this seems to be a sin for a gym freak, but the secret to a good body is consistency. And occasional munching on your food Britt through cheat meals or otherwise actually improves your consistency. And consistency brings results.

So when it comes to Emily Carey, she doesn’t have any hard and fast rules for her workout or diet plan and rather allows herself to enjoy the beauty of life in terms of good food. But she remains conscious of it and takes steps to balance out discipline and enjoyment.


Emily Carey Diet Plan includes:


  • Oats
  • Grilled Fish
  • Avocado Toast



  • Brown bread
  • Chicken
  • Vegetable salad



  • Soups
  • Grilled chicken/ fish sandwich
  • Dessert made of coconut sugar.

This is all about Emily Carey Diet Plan.

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