Yoss Hoffman Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | June 1, 2021
Yoss Hoffman Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Yoss Hoffman Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Yoss Hoffman is an influencer, YouTuber, IIN Health Coach, vlogger, and entrepreneur. She is known for her funny content on YouTube, where Yoss Hoffman has over 8 million subscribers.

Yoss is also one of the fitness models that help others stay fit and specializes in nutrition as she’s an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (IIN health coach). So if you also want the Yoss Hoffman workout routine and the Yoss Hoffman diet plan, keep reading.

Yoss Hoffman Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Yoss Hoffman Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Yoss Hoffman Body Stats

Height 5 ft 5 inch
Weight 53 kg
Age 30 years
Breast 32 inch
Waist 25 inch
Hips 33 inch

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Yoss Hoffman Workout Routine

Yoss is one of the Mexican YouTube stars that are famous for her exciting content. However, she also focuses a lot on fitness, so she doesn’t look in her 30’s and stays in such fantastic shape. No wonder many people would want to know what Yoss Hoffman does to keep her fit and her workout routine?

Well, it’s not hard to find if you follow her, then you would already be familiar with the activities that Yoss Hoffman does, which includes doing a lot of yoga. Like different kinds of yoga workouts, you name one, and Yoss Hoffman would have tried that already. She loves yoga and regularly practices it to keep her body in such a slim and toned shape.

Yoss Hoffman often shares her yoga workout on YouTube and Instagram on her stories to check. For example, this 30 minutes of Yoga workout, which she posted on her YouTube channel. Yoss Hoffman does some other exercises, like bodyweight and lightweight exercises, to tone her body.

You can see the routine by clicking here, which will show the highlight of her stories on Instagram that Yoss Hoffman shared. So now, let’s make this into a routine; we will work out around six days a week and train for about two hours a day. So let’s get started:

Yoss Hoffman workout includes:

Yoss Hoffman Workout Routine

Yoss Hoffman Workout Routine


Yoga is one of the exercises that Yoss Hoffman goes for many yoga classes. Most classes are open seven days a week, and some are only three days, and then the rest of the days you work out in your home.

It depends on what type of class you join; I recommend joining a seven-day-a-week class and doing yoga for an hour to an hour and a half. That way, you can get a good workout, which will help you get a lean body, flexibility, and tone your muscles while burning many calories.


Basic exercises

Other than yoga Yoss Hoffman also likes to do simple exercises that we saw earlier. The exercises are primarily lightweight exercises like biceps curls, dumbbell kickbacks, stability plank, plank runs, blank hold, etc.

You can work these exercises in a circuit routine and add crunches, leg raises, push-ups, and other exercises and turn it into a 30 minutes circuit routine. That way, you will tone your body and burn calories as well.

That’s all for the Yoss Hoffman workout routine.

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Yoss Hoffman Diet Plan

Yoss eats healthy for sure; I mean, she is a nutrition coach. If she won’t, who will? Her Instagram bio says ‘Healthy Lifestyle,’ which shows she eats a very healthy diet.

Do I know her diet? Nope, I couldn’t find It; I read somewhere she is a vegan, and other posts said she eats a nonvegetarian diet. So I can’t tell you for sure; for now, I will give you guys a regular diet that most of you can follow.

Yoss Hoffman diet plan:

Yoss Hoffman Diet Plan

Yoss Hoffman Diet Plan


  • Oatmeal with fruits, nuts, almond milk, and a spoon of honey



  • Protein smoothie



  • Chicken
  • Veggies
  • Salad


Evening Snack

  • Almonds or fruit salad



  • Salmon or chicken
  • Veggies

That’s all for the Yoss Hoffman diet plan.

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