Brittany Renner Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | February 26, 2022

Brittany Renner Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Brittany Renner is a 29-year-old supermodel, star, author, and social media influencer. Her first shot on “ Brittany Renner Track Circuit”  gained immense popularity and fame from the public in 2013. She actively raises her voice on social media platforms about sex, love, and relationships. 

She has worked with incredible fashion brands like Bounce Curl, Fashion Nova, etc. Renner has always seen sharing her booming fitness suggestion to attain a scorchingly hot and fit body figure. So, if you are also a fan of Brittany gorgeous physique then here is something amazing for you all. Keep reading on to know about Brittany Renner workout routine and Brittany Renner diet plan precisely. 

Brittany Renner Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Brittany Renner Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Brittany Renner Body Stats 

Body stats  Units
Height 5 ft. 6 inches
Weight 50 Kg 
Age 29 years 
Chest 34 inches 
Waist  28 inches 
Hips 36 inches 

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Brittany Renner Workout Routine 

The extremely hot and incredibly fit supermodel Brittany Renner has 4.6 million impressive fans following on her Instagram handle, 458K followers on her Twitter account, and so on. So, be ready to glimpse the amazing journey of Brittany Renner workout routine that’s going to inspire you to attain a fit & curvy body figure.

In her earlier days, Renner played soccer and won the title of Women’s soccer winner in 2010. Her social feed is filled up with eye-popping super hot photographs where she proudly flaunts her striking body figure. She has shared her fitness regimen on social media platforms for the first time in 2013. Brittany Renner workout routine would possibly be an intense one as she has an extremely fit physique. She workouts using different forms of exercises to gain endurance and tighten up the core. 

The fitspiration for all the youth female and fitness enthusiasts Brittany Renner workout routine is a must guide for fitness and workouts to follow. So, if you possess a desire to have an outstanding body figure like her, start following the workouts and the instructions mentioned. Let’s have a look at the workouts

Brittany Renner Workout Routine 

Brittany Renner Workout Routine


Strength Training

Warm-up or dynamic stretching – 10 to 15 minutes (compulsory) 

No.of reps – 8 to 12

No.of sets – 3 to 4  


Brittany Renner Workout Routine includes:


Chest and Upper body 

  • Sliding plank crunch 
  • Squats 
  • Ball rollout 
  • Lateral lunge 
  • Renegade row 
  • Glute bridge 
  • Push-ups 
  • Tailbone angle 



Arms and shoulders 

  • Reverse lunge
  • Goblet squats 
  • KB swing 
  • Overhead shoulder press 
  • Dumbbell raises 
  • Cheerleader arm circle 
  • Inverted row 
  • Pull-ups 



Legs & lower body 

  • Wall-pressed dead bug 
  • Split squats 
  • Slingshots 
  • Romanian deadlift 
  • Cable crossovers 
  • Walking lunges 
  • Elevated glute bridges 
  • Side leg sweep 



whole body 

  • Curtsy lunge 
  • L-fly 
  • Barbell back squats 
  • Sled push 
  • Elbow Plank 
  • Barbell deadlift 
  • Sumo squats 
  • Hold chest press 



Cardio Workout 

Rest interval – 30 to 45 seconds 

  • High knees 

Reps. count – 20 on alternating sides


  • Kettlebell swing 

Reps. Count – 10


  • Pencil jump 

Reps. Count – as many feasible in 45 seconds


  • Plank Get-up 

Reps. Count – 10 on alternating arms


  • Butt Kicks 

Reps. Count – as many doable in 30 seconds 



Core workouts  

No.of reps – 8 to 10 

No.of sets – 3 to 4 

  • Single-arm press 
  • Plank shoulder tap 
  • Mountain climbers 
  • Bird dog 
  • Reverse crunch 
  • Crunch and reach 
  • Foot touch to flutter kicks 
  • Russian twists 


That’s all details we have about the perfect figure super model Brittany Renner workout routine that she follows religiously to look amazingly fit and curvy. Her glorious body figure is like the cherry on top with her glamorous looks & personality. If you are amazed by her super hot body images & wish to attain a curvy toned physique like her, start following the workout training sessions mentioned above without any misses achieving a better outcome. 

This is all about Brittany Renner Workout Routine.

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Brittany Renner Diet Plan

Brittany Renner diet plan includes foods suggested by the dietician. She follows a well-curated diet chart that consists of healthy and nutritious meals. She drinks a lot of water for keeping herself hydrated. She avoids alcohol, dairy products, high carbs, sugars, etc from her diet plan to stay fit, healthy, and well-toned.  

Let’s have an overview of the beautiful Brittany Renner diet plan to uncover what she consumes as a part of her daily diet. 

Brittany Renner diet plan

Brittany Renner diet plan

Is Brittany Renner a vegan?

No, Brittany Renner isn’t a vegan. 


Brittany Renner diet plan includes:


  • Smoothies 
  • Kale chips 
  • Fruit juices 



  • Barbequed tuna 
  • Tofu 



  • Fruits & nuts 



  • Grilled bowl of veggies 
  • Mixed leafy salads 


This is all that information we have about the gorgeous Brittany Renner diet plan. She follows well-balanced nutritious and fibrous eating habits that help her to maintain a fit & well-toned body figure. If her outstanding body image grabs your attention & motivates you to achieve a fit physique like her then do follow healthy eating plans in your daily life.

This is all about Brittany Renner diet plan. 

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