Choi Young Jae Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | June 30, 2022

Choi Young Jae Workout Routine and Diet Plan: The mini-album SUGAR by Choi Young Jae attempts to compare obsession with love with the addiction and sweetness of sugar and turned into a massive hit among the KPop listeners worldwide. The artist behind the Album is as sweet as the metaphor used for love. Choi Young Jae is a singer and music artist best known for being a member of the famous boy band GOT 7 which recently reunited with their album ‘NANANA’Just like every other member of the group, Choi carries a charisma and charm of his own.

He has a nice lean physique and he seems to love food. Being a 90s-born, the singer is entering his marvelous 30s soon, but his body doesn’t seem to reflect this. His charm has everybody hooked and the singer boasts a social media following of close to 7 million. He also has a youtube channel where he updates his fans regularly and he remains extremely honest about his struggles in those vlogs. So in this post, we will try to discern and learn about his workout and diet plan that keeps him lean and provides the necessary energy that’s required to lead the ever-busy life of a famous Kpop star.


Choi Young Jae Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Choi Young Jae Workout Routine and Diet Plan


Choi Young Jae body Stats

Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight 63 kgs
Age 26 years
Biceps 14 inches
Shoulders 34 inches

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Choi Young Jae Workout Routine

We got hold of a workout vlog of the singer and he earnestly shows what happens when we miss out on our consistency. As common people, we are less aware of the struggles that celebrities face around the game of perfection. But Choi Young Jae remained very honest about his struggles with the gym and eating healthy. In this vlog, Choi revealed that he had not worked out for a while and so the vlog is a good source of some direction for the beginners.


Choi Young Jae Workout Routine

Choi Young Jae Workout Routine

Choi Young Jae Workout Routine includes:


The first thing that any beginner must start with is a good 15 mins warmup session. A good warmup increases your blood flow and flexibility which helps prevent injuries and gives a better range of performance. His warm-up included stretching with the help of his trainer and a range of upper body motions to enhance muscle involvement.


Lat Pulldown 

A Lat pulldown was the first exercise that Choi undertook in his vlog. Lat Pulldown machines are pretty common and a piece of excellent equipment for engaging your back and shoulders. But its main target is the lat muscles which gives you a toned back and enhances strength to perform pull-ups. If you struggle with pull-ups, perhaps the lat machine can come to your rescue. One must make sure that there is the right form and appropriate weight to avoid any injuries. Start with 3 sets for 10 repetitions each.


Rowing Workout

A rowing machine is also a staple gym equipment. Rowers are extremely important for back health and improving posture and it’s an overall exercise that targets cardio, legs, and core too. Rowing Exercise seems to be a good part of Choe’s workout routine and he seems to be struggling with it but not giving up. Rowing can be included in your gyming session and you must take care of your form to avoid injury.



The push-ups that Choe does is with a variation to enhance benefits. He performs pushups on top of shaking BOSU balls. This involves all your muscles and doesn’t require you to lower yourself completely. Additionally, it challenges your balance and works on the triceps, leg muscles, and back. This has been doing rounds as a popular challenge and you can also add this to your routine. Do as many pushups as you are comfortable with and then progress upon it.


Arms Exercise

Choi’s Arm exercises include resistance bands and weights. Choi claimed that he finds Arms Exercise to be the hardest. Weights are pretty common arm exercises involving repetitions and a good form that doesn’t give unnecessary stress. The resistance bands were also used by Choi to further involve the defined arm muscle.


Abs Workout

The singer finished his workout session with a light abs workout with leg raise. Leg raise targets your core and enhances stability. The parting words that Choi said to his followers were to maintain consistency and involve themselves in exercise not just to look good but to feel good and remain healthy.

This is all about Choi Young Jae Workout Routine.

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Choi Young Jae Diet Plan

Choi is a big advocate of loving and taking care of oneself. He has voiced his opinion on body positivity and acceptance on several occasions when people asked him about his diet.


Choi Young Jae Diet Plan

Choi Young Jae Diet Plan


No Diets

Choi says that he too has been a victim of the fad diet culture but he no longer follows or encourages them. Hence the songwriter and singer have abstained from talking about diets and meal plans. Which we think is the right step in the right direction. One must not restrict themselves, but rather focus on balance and consistency. On this page, we have always promoted body-specific and individual diet plans. Our diet plans are just a suggestion and the final choice always lies with you. Here is a similar diet chart that will help you in maintaining and fueling a lean body.


Choi Young Jae Diet Plan includes:


  • Ramen
  • Salads
  • Yogurt



  • Grilled Fish
  • Brown bread
  • Avocado Toasts



  • Chicken
  • Soup
  • Oats/ Vegges


This is all bout Choi Young Jae Diet Plan.

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