Cobie Smulders Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | September 21, 2022

Cobie Smulders Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Cobie Smulders is a Canadian-born actress famous for her acting and beauty. Cobie is a very fit actress with an aesthetic physique. Cobie is also part of the marvel cinematic universe and has played the role of a S.H.I.E.L.D Agent, Maria Hill. Her moves in the marvel movies are remarkable. Whether it’s her flexibility or stunts, everything is just so perfect.

Her stunning looks in the Marvel sequels like, Avengers have given her sunshine. People are a fan of her beauty and incredible moves. Cobie has the perfect gesture for every moment, doesn’t matter if she is fighting someone or handling the S.H.I.E.L.D operations. However, the roles she played were not ordinary. Cobie underwent several pieces of training to perfect her role as an agent. Besides avengers, Cobie also appeared in the movies like Spiderman far from home and other Spiderman sequels. A S.W.A.T. professional personally assisted her in her role as maria hill. He taught her how to handle guns and some fight moves.

Cobie devoted herself to the role and played it very well. Even the directors were surprised to see her performance. We can’t deny that Cobie was the best suited for her roles, but do you know why? It’s because of her Diet plan and workout routine that made her fit for these roles. So, now we will discuss Cobie Smulders’s Diet Plan and Workout routine.


Cobie Smulders Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Cobie Smulders Diet Plan and Workout Routine


Cobie Smulders Body Stats

Height 5ft 8inch
Weight 70kgs
Age 40yrs
Breast 33
Waist 25
Hips 34

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Cobie Smulder Workout Routine

Cobie Smulders has also been part of an iconic comedy T.V series – How I met your Mother. Cobie played the role of Robin Scherbatsky, and her character was the most beloved. Cobie has always been enthusiastic. She well portrayed her role. Cobie is recently featuring in the secret invasion alongside the mainstream actors like Emilia Clarke and Samuel. l Jackson.

Cobie has been a great fan of working out, and for the sequels like Avengers and Spiderman, she underwent special training by a S.W.A.T professional. However, apart from her movies, she also likes to maintain her body for her appearance. She says fitness is not a career choice but leads to a healthy lifestyle. Cobie has a flexible aesthetic body, and what workout plan she follows has stunned many of us. If you want an aesthetic physique like Cobie, then no worries. Health yogi is complied to help you.


Cobie Smulder Workout Routine

Cobie Smulder Workout Routine


Cobie Smulders Workout Routine includes

The bar method 

Compound workouts like the Barre method are a lifesaver for actors like Cobie Smulders.

Now, you may wonder how?

But, let me tell you that the bar method is a stretching technique that involves the expansion and contraction of the muscles. This method relaxes the muscle fibers and creates mobility for heavy workouts. Many peoples who do not use this method get prone to injuries. 

It is seen that many athletes, regardless of the importance of stretching, do strength training and get themselves injured; however, Cobie Smulders, an excellent actor, struggles with the barre method before her workout. Make sure you do the barre method before the exercise to avoid injuries.



Cobie is fond of doing pilates, and why wouldn’t she look at her flexibility? It’s all thanks to pilates, yes. Pilates is an exercise that helps you gain strength and flexibility. If you want to build up a core like Cobie Smulders, then make sure you give pilates a try. Pilates trains your body equally and creates improvement in mobility pilates can help you gain a more muscular back. Adding it to your workout plan seems like a perfect idea.


Yin Yoga 

Yin Yoga is a Chinese branch of yoga that involves holding yoga poses(asanas) for a long time. This branch deals with improving strength and improvising flexibility. We all know Cobie’s flexible moves from avengers. Just remembering that gives us goosebumps, but the exercise that helped her gain such flexibility is none other than Yin-style yoga, which helped her in such epic movements. Health yogi is here with a perfect workout routine for you that also involves what Cobie Smulders does when she is at home. 


Cobie Smulder Workout Routine

Cobie Smulder Workout Routine

Before workout/After Workout

Try doing some Bar Methods that involve stretching the muscles and some yin yoga poses for relaxed muscles.

  • Barre holds for 2mins. 
  • Cat camel poses two sets of ten reps (5sec holds).


Flexibility training/ Core training 

  • 4 Pilates exercises.
  • 3 Yoga Asanas. 

Two sets of Crunches. 


Strength training

  • Squats

3 sets 15 reps each. 


  • Planks

30-second hold for two sets. 


  • Push-ups

3 sets of ten reps each. 


That’s all for Cobie Smulders workout routine.

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Cobie Smulder Diet Plan

Diet is a regulatory factor that has helped celebs like Cobie Smulders stay in shape. Cobie follows a diet plan that is compatible with her tastes. 


Cobie Smulder Diet Plan

Cobie Smulder Diet Plan


Is Cobie Smulder a Vegan?

No, Cobie Smulder is not a vegan.


Cobie Smulders Diet Plan includes:


  • Green smoothie and some eggs on arugula.



  • Salad with protein.



  • fish and quinoa for dinner.


That’s all for Cobie Smulders diet plan.

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