Derrick Jones Jr Workout, Diet, Height, Weight, Age, Body Measurements 2020 

By | April 1, 2020

Derrick Jones Jr Workout, Diet, Height, Weight, Age, Body Measurements: Derrick Jones Jr the small forward/shooting guard for Miami Heat, mostly known for his explosive jumps and dunks in NBA is an amazing player. He just flies in the air. Sometimes it will not be bad to say that he is surely gifted with strong legs and he made them stronger with lots of practice. So let’s see the workout Derrick Jones Jr does to get that amazing body and power also we will check out the diet he takes.

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Derrick Jones Jr Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Derrick Jones Jr Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Derrick Jones Jr body stats 

Derrick Jones Jr Height 1.98m (198cm)
Derrick Jones Jr Weight 210 lbs (95.25 kg)
Derrick Jones Jr Age 23 Years
Other N/A

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Derrick Jones Jr Workout Routine

Derrick Jones’s workout routine starts on the court with stretching court running doing drills for warming his body.

Derrick Jones Jr Workout

Derrick Jones Jr Workout

Derrick Jones Jr Workout Includes-

Form shooting 

Derrick Jones Jr goes to form shooting once he is done with a warm-up from 1 pointer to 3 pointers. He keeps shooting the ball from side to Center and then the other side of the court. 


Next up he does dribbling practice handling the ball with it on the full court back and forth then side to side. This takes a lot of stamina and focuses more than you think.

Passing defender to do a layup 

He practices a lot of one on one play to learn how to pass defenders with different techniques like tricking them and explosively leaving them behind. More about Derrick Jones Jr workout is given below.


He is known for some crazy dunks for sure, especially because of the jump he makes almost flying over players. He dunks a lot of balls in practice workout routines.

Weight training 

There is a lot of weight training he does, the aim is to lift heavy and make every rep as explosive as he can. He does a mix body workout aiming body towards the calf, core, legs and glutes area which is the secret behind for his amazing vertical jumps.

This is all about the “Derrick Jones Jr workout” routine. the vertical jumps workout routine of Derrick Jones Jr has explained in detail below.

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Derrick Jones Jr Vertical Jumps Workout Routine

Derrick Jones Jr Vertical Jumps Workout

Derrick Jones Jr Vertical Jumps Workout

The routine of vertical jumps is based on the lower and abdominal parts, only the foundation is your legs and core. The most part you need to work for getting a better jumping power is your glutes, hamstring, calves and your abdominal part.

Derrick Jones Jr Vertical Jumps Workout Includes-

Depth jump

The depth jump is certainly an exercise to get a better jumping power. You stand on a box that is 10 to 30 inches high. Put one leg on front and then let your body fall down and drop-in group with both legs and jump off. Remember that your heels should not touch the ground and do not go to a squat position you don’t want to drop low. When you jump you need to make it as explode as you can. Do this 4 to 6 sets of 5 to 7 reps.

Weighted back squats

This is the basic squats that you can either do on a smith machine or can do with the Olympic rod. Put it to the stand and load it up as much as you can Handle don’t need to go till your last point just load the weight you can do 6 to 8 reps with. So the key is to do a simple weighted back squat but when you come up you need to explode from ground to the starting point to make sure your feet do not leave the ground.


You need to train your glutes to have better power for this. You can do any exercise you like that will work your glutes. It’s up to you, but the hip extension will be the option I would consider. Do explosive sets of them 4 sets of 6 to 8 reps.

Standing Calf raises 

Get an Olympic rod and fill it up as heavy as you can go. Legs will be the same length as your shoulder. Then explode above getting on your toes and then slowly come down back to your heels. Do 5 sets like this and 5 to 8 reps each.

Derrick Jones Jr Vertical Jumps Exercise

Derrick Jones Jr Vertical Jumps Exercise

This is workouts Derrick Jones Jr does for Verticle jumps.

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Derrick Jones Jr Diet Plan

Derrick Jones Jr Diet

Derrick Jones Jr Diet

About Derrick Jones Jr Diet Plan, it is simple yet effective, Derrick Jones Jr drinks gallons of water the whole day and eats food that is rich in protein and has sufficient amounts of carbs and good fats. He does take a protein shake before he starts the workout and tries to take up to 5 meals a day. The meals mostly consist of chicken, turkey, salmon, oatmeal, salad, etc. This is all about Derrick Jones Jr diet plan.

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I hope you like Derrick Jones Jr workout routine and diet plan article.

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