Eve Hewson Diet Plan and Workout Routine | Age | Height | Body Measurements 2020

By | November 13, 2019
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Eve Hewson Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Hello, we are going to discuss “EVE HEWSON WORKOUT ROUTINE” and “EVE HEWSON DIET PLAN“, Before that let’s know about Eve Hewson’s body measurements and her life. Eve Hewson’s full name is Memphis Eve Sunny Day Hewson. And, she is an Irish actress who was born on 7th July 1991.

Her first leading role was in the drama film “This Must Be the Place which was released in 2011. In Steven Soderbergh’s TV series The Nikki, She played the role of nurse Lucy Elkins. She is also known for the Bridge of Spies and Enough Said.

Eve Hewson is a daughter of Ali Hewson, actress, and Paul David Hewson who is the lead singer of U2. She grew up in Dublin, Ireland with her siblings Jordan and Elijah Bob Patricus Gugi Q and John Hewson. She is dating James Lafferty, the One Tree Hill star. They have been in a relationship since 2007.

She attended the Dalkey School Project and St Andrew’s College, Dublin, and in May 2013 completed her honorary degree from New York University. Her latest flick film is Robin Hood which was released in the year 2018.

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Eve Hewson Body Measurements

Age 28 years
Height 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm approx)
Weight 108 lbs (49 kg approx)
Bra cup size 34 B
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Blue
Body Type Hourglass
Body Measurements 34-25-35

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Eve Hewson Diet Plan

Eve Hewson is a true believer of the fact that a proper diet is very important to stay in shape, Eve Hewson pays good attention to what she eats. She follows a special lively diet to maintain her slim frame. A lively diet involves eating three nutritious meals a day. Eve Hewson Diet Plan includes-

Eve Hewson Diet Plan

Eve Hewson Diet Plan

  • Her day begins with breakfast consisting of fruits with toast and probiotic yogurt.
  • For lunch, she likes to eat grilled chicken with lots of vegetables
  • Her dinner consists of Vegetables and grilled fish.
  • Eve Hewson tries to stay away from alcohol and only drinks vodka with fresh lemon
  • Eve Hewson drinks a lot of water throughout the day, especially before each meal.
  • She also goes on a detox diet once or twice a month and stays on only fruits and liquids.
  • On cheat days she likes to treat herself to burgers, chocolate, and spicy Mexican food.
  • Eve Hewson likes to drink fresh fruit juice and coconut water to keep her body hydrated and fit.
  • She also takes vitamin supplements with every meal. This is all about Eve Hewson diet plan.

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Eve Hewson Workout Routine

Eve Hewson has not much love for the gym, but she takes her workout very seriously because it is necessary for her to stay in shape. Instead of going to the gym, she prefers to work out in fresh air. Eve Hewson Workout Routine include-

Eve Hewson Workout Routine

Eve Hewson Workout Routine

  • For cardio, she loves running and cycling.
  • Being an actress by profession she is usually on the move which takes a toll on her workout regime, but she keeps herself ready.
  • Eve Hewson goes for a walk almost every day and counts her steps.
  • Eve Hewson loves jumping rope.
  • Her workout regime also includes some weight training.
  • She also meditates for a relaxed mind.
  • Eve Hewson focuses on a full-body workout and her yoga routine includes Surya Namaskar, planking for her arms and shoulders, tree postures, chair postures for her legs and a few others.
  • And she loves to go swimming which helps in maintaining her fit body.
  • Eve Hewson regularly follows her workout regime without a miss.
  • She is always inspired. If she gets bored with a routine she changes it. This is all about Eve Hewson workout routine.
Eve Hewson Fitness Regime

Eve Hewson Fitness Regime

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