Jayson Tatum Workout Routine and Diet Plan 2020

By | April 1, 2020

Jayson Tatum Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Jayson Tatum is an amazing power forward for the Boston Celtics team. The NBA player is huge and lean you can say he has what every guy wants. The body shape of Jayson Tatum is super athletic and lean yet he looks quite bulky and big. So today we are going to discover what workout Jayson Tatum does and follow. Also, we are gonna be looking for his diet plan. Before that let’s know Jayson Tatum’s Physical stats.

Jayson Tatum Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jayson Tatum Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Jayson Tatum body measurement

Height  6 ft 8 inch
Weight  93 kg 
Age 22 years

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Jayson Tatum Workout Routine

The NBA player follows a great basketball workout routine. In which he practices his passing, dribbling and shooting quite a lot. Which is good as those three things are the foundation of basketball.

Jayson Tatum Workout

Jayson Tatum Workout

Jayson Tatum Workout Includes-

Form shooting

The first training he does is for improving the shooting form. While doing this he targets to get better shooting mechanics and a better shot feel. 

Post up one dribble drop step finishes 

After shooting, he trains to dribble. In this routine, he targets to get the ability to post up smaller players than him and go inside move.

Between Float Explosive and Between Finishes 

This routine is mainly to improve the ability to use float dribble and to change speed going from 0 to 100 with a lot of explosiveness.

Between float cross and Drop spin Finishes 

It’s the same thing with just a little change. The aim here is to target the ability to use float dribble and change speed but also use drop spin and finishes.

Between float and Between float mid-range step back

The aim is to target the ability to use float dribble to stop defenders and hit mid-range steps back.

High ball screen mid-range step back 

The aim here is to improve the high ball screen and use a mid-range step back.

Shot fake side and step 3’s

Aim to get the ability to use shot fake and hit 3’s while dribbling.

Between float and between jabs

This was Jayson Tatum’s basketball workout routine. He also does strength training and focuses on explosiveness.

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Jayson Tatum Diet plan

Now as we are done with knowing what Jayson Tatum does, it will be better to move on to a diet plan. Here we are given Jayson Tatum diet plan. If you don’t eat like Jayson Tatum then you will never get the same body shape even if you follow the workout routine. As I say this I totally couldn’t find any possible way to get an exact diet plan. To be honest athletes, especially NBA players, eat a lot, they are big, they are bulky, they need a lot of stamina going back and forth for a full game. 


Jayson Tatum Diet

Jayson Tatum Diet

His diet consists of lots of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins calcium. The most favorite food NBA players eat is chicken and turkey. 

You might not believe it but they do have lots of cheat meals which they don’t even consider cheat meals. Not all of them but most of them do get lots of cheat meals. For them, it’s good as they are big they need to eat more and get that power.

They do drink gallons of water the whole day. So that is also an important thing you should never forget about any athlete. As long as you take a balanced meal which consists of all nutrients, protein, vitamins, etc you will get big. This is all about the Jayson Tatum diet plan.

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