Paris Berelc Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | January 1, 2022

Paris Berelc Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Paris Berelc is an actress and model known for her movies and TV shows like Alexa & Katie, Mighty Med, Lab Rats: Elite Force, Tall Girl, The Crew, etc.

She is also quite well known for being one of the most famous stars and inspiring teenagers. Many teenagers want to be like Paris, especially regarding fitness goals, so if you also want the Paris Berelc workout and the Paris Berelc diet plan, then keep reading.

Paris Berelc Body Stats

Height 5 ft 4 inch
Weight 52 kg
Age 22 years
Breast 33 inch
Waist 25-26 inch
Hips 34 inch

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Paris Berelc Workout Routine

Paris loves to work out; while she is one of the most known actresses in teenage shows and movies, Paris Berelc is heading towards the entire movie industry. Of course, after a specific period, we all know productions like Disney and Nickelodeon start letting go of the actors and actresses. That’s why Paris is trying to maintain her body shape, getting in a very fit shape and aiming to be an action actress.

How do I know that? In an interview with Justine Magazine, Paris Berelc told them that she is aiming for being an action star, which is why she also goes to stunt classes and learns boxing. That’s just one of the few things Paris is doing to stay relevant to the movie industry. In that Interview, Paris Berelc also stated that she does a lot of hot yoga to maintain flexibility and keep herself fit.

After that, coming to 2021, when she is more mature and starting to work out a little differently, like instead of yoga, Paris is now doing modified Pilates workout, as you can see in this post. Well, it’s a mixture of resistance, strength, and toning workout with Pilates movements. Then there is her toning workout that involves doing lots of circuit training with workouts like bodyweight training, weight training, core workout, resistance training, etc.

Mostly Paris Berelc will be doing workouts in the gym with weights, but when she’s traveling and even when she doesn’t want to do much weight training, Paris will work out at her home with a resistance band. So if I take all of her workouts and turn them into a routine, I think you will have a fitness like Paris. We will be working out five days a week in which we will train twice every day and for about an hour to two hours each session. So let’s get started:

Paris Berelc workout includes:

Paris Berelc Workout Routine

Paris Berelc Workout Routine

Morning Workout (Pilates or Yoga)

In the morning, we will be doing an hour of Pilates and yoga. As we read that Paris loves doing Pilates these days, yoga was her favorite workout before. So you can do both of them or choose whichever suits you the best.

Both of these workouts will provide you strength, flexibility, tone your muscles, and help you stay lean and get those abs. However, make sure you do this routine at least four days a week and full of five or six days a week.


Evening Routine (Toning Workout)

There are two areas that Paris focuses on a lot; those two are the lower body and her core. She loves working on her butt and thighs and getting that abs look hotter and rip. So we will do a five days circuit routine:

Training method: Lightweight to Heavyweight

Circuit: 3

Exercise in each circuit: 4

Reps: 20

Sets of each exercise: 3

Rest time after the circuit: 80 to 120 seconds




  • Weighted squats
  • Barbell squats
  • Banded crab walks
  • Leg press


  • Leg extension
  • Lunges
  • Calf raises
  • Seated calf raises


  • Crunches
  • Leg raises
  • Russian twist
  • Plank hold




  • Push-ups
  • Chest press
  • Dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell flyes


  • Wide grip lat pulldowns
  • Cable rows
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Dumbbell deadlifts


  • Ball plank in and out crunches
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Cable wood chops
  • Side plank to a crunch




  • Banded squat walks
  • Dumbbell explosive squats
  • Stability squats
  • Leg curls


  • Dumbbell sumo squats
  • Curtsy lunge
  • Stiff-leg deadlift
  • Single leg pushdowns


  • Incline weighted crunches
  • Leg lifts up
  • Scissor kicks
  • Plank reach




  • Shoulder press
  • Lateral raises
  • Front raise
  • Shrugs


  • Biceps curls
  • Barbell curls
  • Triceps pushdown
  • Triceps kickbacks


  • Reverse crunches
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Plank twister
  • Plank to toe touch




  • Deep smith machine squats
  • Hack squats
  • Reverse lunges
  • Bulgarian squats


  • Hip thruster
  • Hip abduction
  • Glutes hyperextension
  • Glutes cable kickbacks


  • Toe touch crunches
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Side high plank
  • Stability ball plank

That’s all for the Paris Berelc workout routine.

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Paris Berelc Diet Plan

In the interview, Paris stated a few tips on how she eats and maintains her diet, in which one of the essential things that Paris Berelc mentioned was that she keeps her eating window to 12 hours. So in a day, Paris will eat all the meals in those 12 hours.

So it’s intermittent fasting, where she fasts for 12 hours. Then, later on, she mentioned eating healthy and how she loves to drink lots of detox and ginger tea; the last piece of advice that Paris gave was to drink lots of water. So now I will give you a diet that you can follow:

Paris Berelc diet includes:

Is Paris Berelc a Vegan?

No, she is not a vegan and enjoys eating all kinds of food.



  • Oatmeal pancake



  • Detox tea
  • Fruits



  • Chicken breast
  • Brown rice
  • Salad


Evening Snack

  • Ginger tea



  • Salmon
  • Veggies

That’s all for the Paris Berelc diet plan.

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