RJ Barrett Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Age, Height, Weight, Body Measurement 2020

By | February 16, 2020
RJ Barrett Workout Routine and Diet Plan

RJ Barrett Workout Routine and Diet Plan: RJ Barrett, playing for the New York Knicks, is doing really well in his career right now. The skills are really good and he’s doing a superb job as a shooting guard. Whether it’s on-court or off-court. The trainer of RJ Barrett already told the media that he’s been working out and defeating other NBA players in the workout. It’s true that he might be the next big deal, what he lacks right now is just experience but sooner or later he will become a great player. Now while he’s lean and tall he still has some awesome muscles and stamina so we will see the reason for that.

In this article, we focused on RJ Barrett workout routine, RJ Barrett diet plan, RJ Barrett age, RJ Barrett height, RJ Barrett weight, RJ Barrett fitness training, and RJ Barrett physical stats.

RJ Barrett Workout Routine and Diet Plan

RJ Barrett Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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RJ Barrett Body Measurements 

RJ Barrett Height 6ft 7inch
RJ Barrett Weight  92 kg
RJ Barrett Age 19 years
Wingspan  2.8 m

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RJ Barrett Workout Routine

RJ Barrett Workout

RJ Barrett Workout

RJ Barrett is working out super hard in the gym and on the court. As he’s a basketball player his court training matters more than the gym training. So he does a mixed routine of basketball exercise to get in the form he is right.

RJ Barrett Workout includes-

Vertical jumps

He works super hard on vertical jumps and trains a lot which helps him get higher reach in the air and make jumping easier. It’s one of the strong points of RJ Barrett. 

Form shooting

This is what keeps his form great while shooting. He focuses on shorting from all sides so he can get a better grip on the form.

Floater shot

He does lose floater shots that are shot, goes making an arc in the air to the basket and is not that easy but RJ Barrett makes it seem so easy with his daily basketball practice.


He practices lots of 3’s shots so he won’t mess up while taking a shot on outside now even though this has become his strong point. This is really important for shooting guard as he can be the main person responsible for team victory in a crucial situation.

Ball handling

Ball handling is really important which he even said he is always trying to work on this even though he’s still good at it. He wants to keep getting better so there will be less chance of defenders stopping him. More about RJ Barrett workout is given below.

Agility training

The stamina that RJ Barrett has is mostly because of his agility workout that is like cardio too. It takes a great troll on your body.


This is one of the basic things of basketball yet it’s the most important thing while playing basketball. If you don’t dribble the ball then there is no chance for you and your team to score.


He’s constantly working on passing and improving the techniques to get fewer chances of other people stealing the ball. 

Weight training

While he does all that there is also the weight training after court training it’s where he’s making those muscles. He also tries to focus on body explosiveness and power and does a mixed workout that is given by the trainer for his body.

This is all about RJ Barrett workout routine.

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RJ Barrett Diet Plan

RJ Barrett Diet Plan

RJ Barrett Diet Plan

The diet plan of RJ Barrett is not that hard as he’s an NBA player having a cheat meal is fine for him and he will do it no matter what but, he sure eats healthy. A meal containing lots of chicken, veggies, turkey, etc. Drinking protein shakes. 

More about RJ Barrett diet plan, He takes care of his balanced food containing more protein and carbs while having other vitamins,  calcium and good fats for your body. He tries to eat 4 to 6 meals every day. This is all about the diet plan of RJ Barrett.

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