Sam Corlett Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | March 6, 2022

Sam Corlett Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Sam Corlett is an actor and model known for movies and TV shows like Vikings Valhalla, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina, The Dry, and Noah.

Besides that, Sam Corlett also has an incredible body physique that makes fans crazy for him. So if you also want the Sam Corlett workout and the Sam Corlett diet plan, keep reading.

Sam Corlett Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Sam Corlett Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Sam Corlett Body Stats

Height 6 ft 1 inch
Weight 80-85 kg
Age 26 years
Chest 43-44 inch
Waist 32 inch
Biceps 15 inch

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Sam Corlett Workout Routine

Sam Corlett is an actor and model known for his shows and acting skills. However, the fans are also going crazy about his physique. It is also a reason why I’m here writing this article. So if you also want to know more about how Sam Corlett can keep himself fit and healthy. Also, what exercises and workouts he does to stay fit and healthy, then keep reading as I will try to cover all of these things about Sam Corlett.

After searching for a while, I was able to find an article from the Daily Mail. Sam Corlett gave an interview to the Daily Mail, where he mentioned that he had to work out in the gym for five-six days. Sam Corlett had a hard time doing that at first, but Sam Corlett loved doing HIIT training during the workouts. The routine focused on getting Sam Corlett jacked and shredded for the role.

So there was a lot of HIIT weight training, making sure there was as little rest as possible. Now, if you wanted to have a body like Sam Corlett, you would need to get to the gym and work out five days a week. I would also recommend training your lower-body two days a week. Then the rest of the days, train your other body muscles in a group of two. Also, add some cardio workouts to help you stay lean and burn off the fat. Now, let’s see a workout you can follow to get a body like Sam Corlett.

Sam Corlett workout includes:

Sam Corlett Workout Routine

Sam Corlett Workout Routine


The cardio workout will be in a HIIT training pattern, so we will be adding a few pauses between the workouts. However, it will be more complex and intense than your regular cardio workout. I would suggest doing treadmill and then rowing machine for 15-20 minutes each in this pattern;

  • 1 minute at a moderate pace
  • 30 seconds sprinting at your max speed
  • 30 seconds rest time
  • Repeat that for 15-20 minutes


Weight Training

We will keep the rule of as little rest as possible in weight training. So keeping that in mind, we will be doing five days of work out with training two muscle groups every day. Also, if you want to get shredded, make sure to increase the sets and reps. She is lifting light to moderate weight with proper form.

Sets: 3-4

Reps: 12-15


Chest and Triceps

  • Push-ups
  • Bench press
  • Dumbbell press to flyes
  • Cable flyes
  • Triceps pushdowns
  • Triceps skull crusher
  • Triceps dips


Lower body 1

  • Warm-up (deadlifts)
  • Deadlifts to dumbbell sumo squats
  • Hack squats to walking lunges
  • Stiff leg deadlift to squat variation
  • Leg extension to curls


Back and Biceps

  • Pull-ups
  • Cable rows
  • Lat pulldowns
  • Barbell rows
  • Dumbbell curls
  • Rope biceps curls
  • Hammer curls


Shoulder and Delts

  • Dumbbell shoulder press
  • Dumbbell lateral raises
  • Front raise
  • Cable upright rows
  • Shoulder shrugs
  • Bent-over dumbbell lateral raises
  • Delt flyes


Lower body 2

  • Barbell deep squats
  • Bulgarian squats to side glute cable kickbacks
  • Hip thrusters to back glute cable kickbacks
  • Hip abduction machine to single-leg pushdowns
  • Hyperextension

That’s all for the Sam Corlett workout routine.

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Sam Corlett Diet Plan

Now for the diet, Sam Corlett was taking a plant-based and a vegan diet when trying to get shredded. However, I’m not sure if he is keeping that diet up. I didn’t find much about Sam Corlett’s recent diet, but I don’t think he is still eating a vegan diet. So I will be giving you a diet that would help you get a body like Sam Corlett.

Sam Corlett diet includes:

Sam Corlett Diet Plan

Sam Corlett Diet Plan

Is Sam Corlett a Vegan?

No, Sam Corlett is not a Vegan; he only ate a plant-based diet for getting shredded for the role.



  • Eggs
  • Chicken sausage



  • Vega protein shake



  • Chicken breast
  • Rice
  • Veggies



  • Fish
  • Salad
  • Veggies

That’s all for the Sam Corlett diet plan.

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