Bodybuilder Sergio Oliva Workout Routine and Diet Plan [2020]

By | April 9, 2020

Sergio Oliva Workout Routine and Diet Plan: Sergio Oliva was a Cuban bodybuilder and sadly he died in 2012. He was one of the best bodybuilders ever in the bodybuilding industry and for the name ‘The Myth‘. Now his son is the one who is taking his dad’s legacy and trying to become a great bodybuilder like his dad.

Sergio Oliva had an amazing workout routine and it was also said that no other bodybuilder eats and workout like Sergio Oliva. So I’m sure even you want to know what Sergio Oliva workout and Sergio Oliva diet looks like.

Sergio Oliva Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Sergio Oliva Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Sergio Oliva Body Stats

Height 5 Ft 10 Inch
Weight 109 Kg
Age 71 years ( died in 2012)
Chest 59 Inch
Waist 28 Inch
Biceps 22.5 Inch

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Sergio Oliva Workout Routine

Sergio Oliva was a Cuban professional weight lifter before he came to America. He used to work in construction companies and other stuff to make his living. He has seen days where he just used to eat once a day. It wasn’t until he joined the weight lifting team he used to earn a little more to afford more meals and other supplements to focus more on his weight training.

Sergio Oliva Workout Routine

Sergio Oliva Workout Routine

After doing some time of weight lifting training he went to America and that’s where he changed himself to a bodybuilder from a weight lifter. The workout he used to do was something else, he used to train the upper body exercises with light weights and more reps. Although when it comes to legs he used to do the standard bodybuilding exercise.

The workout usually contains 6 sets each exercise and every set was at least 25 reps and sometimes even more till failure. He used to train mix exercise before the championship to pump his body as much as he can. Some of the exercises that I found out which he used to do before preparing for the championship. Sergio Oliva exercise includes,

  • Standing Calf raises, 25+ reps and 6 sets
  • Seated calf raises, 6 sets and 25+ reps
  • Pulldowns, 6 sets, and 25+ reps
  • Dips, 6 sets, and 20+ reps
  • Reverse pulldowns, 6 sets, and 25+ reps


So his focus was on

  • Light warm-up
  • Do more reps
  • Do more sets
  • Make sure the contract the muscle and create the tension in your muscle
  • Perform supersets
  • Rest as little as you can

This is all about Sergio Oliva workout routine.

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Sergio Oliva Diet Plan

The diet plan of Sergio Oliva has always been something that any bodybuilder will never try. He used to eat one meal a day before getting into weight lifting and after he went to weight lifting he used to eat a lot of eggs and steak in his 3 meals a day.

Sergio Oliva Diet Plan

Sergio Oliva Diet Plan

When he finally started bodybuilding he still used to eat whatever he wanted. You can literally see Sergio Oliva after doing a workout he used to eat a full packet of twinkies and a mountain dew.

More about Sergio Oliva diet plan, he used to eat that every day this is why he was also known for his sweet tooth. His favorite food to eat was still steak and eggs at the time of bodybuilding he did add veggies and other stuff as well. When Sergio Oliva was doing his comeback his wife made him go on the Frank Zane diet, where he was eating lots of fish and salad.

Sergio Oliva also used to drink hot coffee while doing his workout. It was like a protein shake to him. It helped him get the energy and keep up with his workout. The surprising thing was that his water intake in a day was almost 2 gallons and milk intake was almost a gallon. This is why I said that no bodybuilder will even try to eat like him or even workout like him.

This is all about Sergio Oliva diet plan.

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