Shenina Cinnamon Diet Plan and Workout Routine

By | March 22, 2023

Shenina Cinnamon Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Shenina Syawalita Cinnamon is a popular and gorgeous Indonesian actress. She started her journey in the world of the movie by performing a lead debut character in Photocopier. For playing this lead role, the actress has won Citra Award for Best Actress. 

The stunning actress is also a brand ambassador for healthy beauty products that are cruelty-free or vegan. But apart from all this stuff, the shining beauty has a slender and jaw-dropping body figure that she flaunts regularly in her social media posts.  Let’s catch out on fitness and beauty tips through the actress Shenina Cinnamon workout routine and Shenina Cinnamon diet plan in detail. 

Shenina Cinnamon Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Shenina Cinnamon Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Shenina Cinnamon Body Stats 

Height 1.68 m or 5 ft. 6 inches 
Weight 56 Kg 
Age 24 years 
Chest  34 inches 
Waist 26 inches 
Hips 35 inches 

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Shenina Cinnamon Workout Routine

Shenina has gained media attention and a fan following across the globe. As she is a brand ambassador for healthy & vegan beauty products, she also focuses on her body image and beauty to look stunning & fit. She follows a proper workout regime to stay well-toned and flaunts her curvaceous body figure in Instagram posts. So, would you like to read the entire Shenina Cinnamon workout routine in detail? 

Shenina has attained a good body figure no doubt with her rigorous workouts. According to Shenina, her workouts help her in maintaining a fit body posture, enhancing stamina, and keeping her energetic. Well, she does hit the gym four days a week, and on the rest of the days when doesn’t go to the gym, she goes for brisk walking, running, swimming, or jogging. Have a look at the detailed view of Shenina Cinnamon workout routine to draw some inspiration & get started with yours asap. Let’s continue: 

Shenina Cinnamon Workout Routine

Shenina Cinnamon Workout Routine

Strength Training: 

Strength training is a necessary component of Cinnamon’s fitness regimen. The best part about strength training is that you can practice those exercises at home even if you don’t carry any gym equipment. 

Floor bridge, walking lunge, push-ups, prisoner squats,  step-ups, stationary lunges, and plank to the opposite elbow are a few of the simple but incredibly effective strength training exercises. You’ll be astounded by the outcomes if you give it a try!


Cardio Workouts: 

Your workouts’ intensity is increased by doing cardio exercises. This workout type has been incorporated into Shenina’s routine since it quickly raises her heart rate and helps her burn calories in an effective way. She does however, include a few aerobic exercises – prisoner squat jumps, froggy leaps, plyo jacks, burpees and speed skaters with weights specifically. Increasing intensity, endurance, agility, and power with these cardio plus aerobic exercises is a great option to stay fit & energetic. 


Core Exercises: 

The body’s core, or foundation, must be sufficiently robust. Shenina used to dedicate a portion of her workout time to core exercises in order to develop core strength. The capacity to move more quickly and effectively is improved by having a strong and flexible core. 

The dead bug, bear crawl, glute bridge march, side plank, and single arm press are some of the fundamental core exercises that Shenina used to practice. These workouts assist in preserving and enhancing agility and core stability. 


Yoga Workouts: 

The benefits of yoga activities are best recognized for helping people relax or quiet down from the daily craziness of a busy lifestyle. She used to perform a few yoga postures, including chair pose, extended child pose, reverse warrior pose, and halfway lift.

Even 20 to 30 minutes of yoga practice can significant health effects for the entire body, among its many other advantages. Yoga poses are performed for an extended period which increases strength and improves circulation and digestion. Breathing exercises improve blood flow and warm up the body’s muscles. 

That’s it! It’s all about the gorgeous singer Shenina Cinnamon workout routine that she stayed adhered to make her body figure slim and toned. She works hard to make her abs toned and her physique elegant by practicing several workouts. So, if you wish to attain a fit & toned body figure, you can also start doing a few exercises regularly. 

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Shenina Cinnamon Diet Plan

The stunning diva Shenina Cinnamon diet plan has a space for every sort of healthy and nutritious food only. She likes to eat meals that have a great proportion of lean proteins, fewer carbs, and high fibers. The foods that are a good source of nutrients and rich minerals are mostly part of daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She is very punctual with meal timings and she never skips her meal.

Shenina Cinnamon Diet Plan

Shenina Cinnamon Diet Plan

The stuff that she strictly avoids including in her diet plans is junk or processed food items, sugary items, alcohol, etc. She equally takes care of the hydration of her body by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. As she believes that diet also plays crucial in fitness so keeps it clean and healthy. 

Is Shenina Cinnamon a Vegan? 

No, Shenina Cinnamon is not a vegan. 

This is all about the popular actress Shenina Cinnamon diet plan that she sticks to her fit body maintenance.

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