6 Factors to Consider Before Joining the Gym

By | April 11, 2023

Many people resolve to become more active and fit at the start of the new year. They often consider joining a gym to prioritize working out, but it usually does not work out due to chaotic schedules and bad planning. If you want to ensure that you don’t give up on your gym plans this time, here are six factors to consider before joining the gym:


Ideally, the gym should be located close to your office if you want to work out right after work hours or near your house for other workout times. 

If you don’t feel like you can make the time to commute, you can invest in a home as a long-term plan. The gym membership vs a home gym debate often arises while talking about location, and the pros and cons of both settings are subjective for everyone. Your budget, habits, and preferences will affect the feasibility of both options for you.


Cost of Membership

The cost of a gym membership varies depending on its location and facilities. You should conduct a cost analysis of your preferred options and their features and accessibility. It’s best to remember that low-cost memberships may also entail fewer facilities or have a shorter time duration, so vet your options carefully. 

It’s also best to check if your selected gym offers a trial period where you can use their facilities for a certain amount of time for your satisfaction before buying a membership. 


Your Personal Goals and Equipment Available

Before joining any gym, you need to list down your personal fitness goals. For example, if you’re looking to start bodybuilding, you should join a gym that caters to bodybuilding and has suitable equipment and trainers. You’ll find specialized gyms for different purposes, such as training gyms and crossfit gyms, amongst others.


Operating Hours

To cater to your busy working schedules, ensuring your chosen gym has operating hours convenient for your workout plans is vital. If you’re busy throughout the day and prefer working out later at night, you can look for 24-hour gyms in your neighborhood.

Find a gym nearby that allows you access at any time during the day, with or without the presence of staff. It’s also worth remembering that gyms that open for a shorter duration of time during the day can be crowded as all members attend at once.


Credentials of Staff at Gym

The staff you will interact with at your selected gym must be certified, experienced, and well-trained. If you’re looking to work with a personal trainer, you have to ensure they have certification from ACSM or other accreditations.


Gym Contracts

Go through your contract carefully before paying for your membership. It’ll contain essential details like weekly or monthly rates, potential cost increases, and your membership duration. It will also list rules for using gym facilities and conditions for cancellation of your membership. Reviewing these terms is vital to ensuring your gym is providing you with everything at agreeable terms. 



It is always possible to start your fitness journey, and joining the gym is the first step you can take. Certain factors you should consider include ensuring that the gym is located near you so that commuting is easy. You should also do a cost analysis of different gym memberships, look into the available facilities and decide on your personal goals before making a choice.

If you have a busy schedule, joining a 24-hour gym may be ideal. Additionally, you should look into the credentials of the staff at the gym, such as accreditation from national organizations which indicate that they have the right knowledge to help you train.

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