Best Indian Diet Plan For Muscle Gain In Winter

By | August 3, 2019
Best Indian Diet Plan For Muscle Gain In Winter

Hello, We are going to discuss “Best Indian Diet Plan For Muscle Gain In Winter 2019” If someone talks about the muscle-building then, the very first thing that comes into our mind is protein. Protein is the basic and most important nutrient that you needed if your long term is muscle building or lean shape. Various other nutrients and micronutrients like carbs, fats also contribute to muscle building but protein plays a major role in terms of muscle development or lean bulking.

In India, there are two main problems with the intake of protein. Firstly, Indian people do not get a protein-rich diet which not only stops you to achieve your goals of muscle building but also makes your bones weaker after the age of thirty (30).

Best Indian Diet Plan For Muscle Gain In Winter

Best Indian Diet Plan For Muscle Gain In Winter

This is the only reason why most Indian men suffer from osteoporosis or other joint diseases in there mid-age. Here, I will quickly explain the diet and nutrition of most Indian people.

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Diet Plan of Most Indian People

  • Breakfast

Parathas with tea or pickle, vegetable

  • Lunch

Rice with dal (Sprouts)

  • Dinner

Chapati with vegetable or dal

This is the basic structure of a full-day meal plan for most people in India. Now what I am trying to say is that this Indian diet typically contains more carbs and fewer proteins. But, in actual for muscle building, our body needs more protein and fewer carbs. Eating a lot of carbs will make you fat instead.

Some follow the same diet even when they join the gym. By doing so they are just increasing the carbs which will make them more sweat and nothing else. Now, this doesn’t mean that you eat only protein. Carbs act as an energy booster to our body and help the protein to do their work efficiently.

Why I am focusing on protein? Because many people don’t take a protein-rich diet and thus, either get fat or do not able to achieve their goal of Muscle building. Secondly, most people who go to the gym think a supplement is the only way to get a protein-rich diet.

People fail to understand the benefit of a protein-rich diet. They think supplements are the only alternative and ideal option for a bodybuilder or malnourished people. Supplements are like icing done to a cake. You can achieve your goal of muscle building without any supplements at an initial level but if you have a dream like going to Olympia then you can use supplements but not at the initial level. Here in this article Best Indian Diet Plan For Muscle Gain In Winter is explained in detail.

Here are some more problems related to diet and one of them is vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

For non-vegetarian people, it is easy to take a protein-rich diet whereas a veg person has to eat a lot in order to ensure a good protein-rich diet. But you don’t need to worry I will tell a proper protein-rich diet for both categories.

One of the simplest ways to get maximum nutrition from food starts eating either raw or boiled vegetables. We all know boiled vegetable has more protein, vitamin, and minerals as compared to cooked vegetable. We actually burn the nutrients of a vegetable by cooking. Now, of course, eating a boiled vegetable is not tasty at all.

So, my recommendation is to try it only once a day, and believe me this technique is used by most fitness stars to achieve a lean physique rapidly.


Best Indian Diet Plan For Muscle Gain In Winter

Here I am going to show you the Best Indian Diet Plan For Muscle Gain In Winter which helps to achieve your goal of bodybuilding.

For Non-Vegetarian Best Indian Diet Plan For Muscle Gain In Winter

  • Breakfast

Start off by eating some nuts and almonds

4 eggs with brown bread

Brown bread with peanut butter and milk

  • Lunch

Brown rice with 150 grams of chicken

  • Pre-workout

Milk with Oats or Sweet potato

Whey protein supplement (totally optional)

  • Post-workout

150 grams of chicken or whey protein with some high carbs like potato

  • Dinner

4 eggs with roti


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For Vegetarian Best Indian Diet Plan For Muscle Gain In Winter

  • Breakfast

Start by drinking natural juice

Paneer bhurji+ yogurt or sprouts

Two Banana with one glass milk

  • Lunch

Brown Rice with sprouts or vegetables

  • Pre- Workout

Milk with oats or sweet potato

Whey Protein (Recommended)

  • Post-workout

Paneer or Whey Protein (Recommended)

  • Dinner

Chapati with sprouts (dal).


It is highly recommended for vegetarian people to take a supplement like Whey protein as they might find it difficult to achieve proper protein Nutrition. I also do not mention the quantity that how much should you eat as it may vary from different people.

Normally a healthy person should whose goal is muscle building or lean bulking should intake at least 180 gram – 200 grams of protein. Things can be a bit different for you if you have a goal of fat loss then your protein intake quantity should be around 100gram -120 gram.

If you want me to write a separate post on “Fat loss “comment down below. If you feel that after all of your diet your body stills need supplement then consult with your gym trainer and with your doctor then you are free to take supplements.

Choose your supplements carefully. A carefully chosen supplement will help you to grow your muscles faster while if you choose a wrong supplement it will generate deformity in your Natural body. Drink water at regular interval and take proper sleep. especially when you are taking supplements. You need to take care of your body.

Some most popular supplements Which many male and female use to keep in shape and building muscle are given below:

  • Whey Protein
  • Creatine
  • Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCCA)
  • L- Glutamine
  • Caffeine

In the end, I would like to tell you that some people gain muscle very fastly while some people gains slowly. Similarly, some people lose muscle very quickly while some not. You need to find out your body type and schedule your diet and workout accordingly if you want to achieve your goals and results rapidly.

Hope you like our post “Best Indian Diet Plan For Muscle Gain In Winter “. Share this post with your friends and tell them to be healthy in the upcoming winters.