Why Healthcare Organizations Should Adopt User Provisioning ? Why Use Automated User Provisioning?  

By | July 5, 2022

Why Healthcare Organizations Should Adopt User Provisioning?

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry because of the sensitivity of data collected by healthcare organizations. Patients expect doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare organizations to keep their data confidential and secure. Employing identity and user provisioning in healthcare can help doctors and hospitals manage user accounts and patient data quickly and conveniently.   

There is significant pressure from Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the medical industry to create electronic medical records and with good reason. When there is a user delivery solution to integrate and connect systems, ensuring the right people have access to patient records, healthcare professionals can deliver a better care experience. When an organization shifts all the documents to digital form, they experience a significant improvement in efficiency.

Why Use Automated User Provisioning?  

Access management software enables healthcare organizations the control what people can access in their organization based on predefined permissions to ensure that personal information is not accidentally shared and, where appropriate, someone needs to be held accountable.   

The right access management software also depends on enough flexibility to allow organizations to change individual and group permissions in real-time at a granular level, allowing employees to do their jobs efficiently when circumstances warrant. In addition, many organizations use user compliance software for healthcare to check whether they comply with the industry regulations or not.  

In the end, it’s about better care. When healthcare providers strike a balance between leveraging electronic records and privacy protection, they realize valuable benefits in operational efficiency, cost savings, and minimized information-security risks. 

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The Growing Attack 

The transition from paper to electronic medical records (EHRs), which contain a large amount of confidential data about patients’ medical histories, has dramatically changed the quality and reliability of patient care. However, the number of healthcare providers has also widened the attack surface.

Governments worldwide are ensuring that all health records are digitized as quickly as possible, but investment in data technology and cybersecurity is long overdue.

Lack of Patient Knowledge  

Patients are often not sufficiently knowledgeable about the security risk of their EMR data. They don’t understand the seriousness of medical privacy and aren’t so careful. 

The Increase in Ransomware and Phishing Attempts  

Ransomware and phishing programs can infiltrate devices and systems in a hospital. Likewise, IoT devices such as ventilators, insulin pumps, and instruments are vulnerable hotspots and should be checked for software updates, patches, and other enhancements.

Unrestricted Access to Computers  

External computers can easily invite unauthorized people. If these open systems store sensitive patient data and fall into the hands of unauthorized personnel, the consequences could be devastating.  

This can invite phishing attempts and create a backdoor to areas of the network that are most vulnerable to hackers. Make sure all devices with patient data are kept in a safe place.

Lack of Comprehensive Identity Management  

The lack of IAM solutions in healthcare organizations leads to weak identity and access control. It is very common for healthcare organizations to share large databases within the organization. Without robust and adaptable data access controls and authentication methods, it isn’t easy to authorize the right people to take the right action.

Summing Up  

Access management and user account provisioning are no longer administrator-driven capabilities. Both are shifting to an integrated approach to optimize patient experiences and compliance and security capabilities to accommodate the organization’s effectiveness.   

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