Importance of sleep for your healthy life | How to sleep well?

By | August 24, 2018

Importance of sleep for your healthy life | How to sleep well?

We spend about 33% of our lives asleep. Sleeping is one of our basic daily needs. Here we are going to discuss the importance of sleep for your healthy life and how to sleep well. here we explained how good sleep is a very important thing in our daily life as well as we explained what are bad effects of not taking a good sleep. also, we covered how to take good sleep, there are some important points to be noted while taking good sleep is explained in detail. Before going to discuss how to sleep welllet’s know about the importance of sleep for your healthy life.

Importance of sleep for your healthy life | How to sleep well?

Importance of sleep for your healthy life | How to sleep well?

Importance of sleep for your healthy life

During sleeping your body and brain temporarily shuts off, goes into recovery mode. Good sleep is essential for your healthy life. For maintaining good mental health and physical health good sleep is very important. As for eating, drinking and breathing are important to our human body, getting good sleep is also that much important our human body.

Depression and anxiety are such sleep problems that come due to lack of sleep or bad sleep. These things explain itself what is the importance of sleep for your healthy life. Good sleep is vital for the growth and development of our body function. If we sleep well, it plays a very important role in repair, reset and regenerate your body. Here in this article, we have explained all the details about the “importance of sleep for your healthy life.”

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Benefits of good sleep | Importance of sleep for your healthy life:

  • Increases alertness:

Good sleep allows your mind to gain more focus. if you sleep better your concentration level increases so you can do more work in less time and with better quality. If you are a student take proper sleep before going to do a study.
  • Increase creativity:

After a good sleep, our creative power also increases. You will feel fresh and more creative.
  • Boost Memory:

For shaping memories and making a connection between event feeling and experience, sleeping time is very important. In between sleeping time hours form new learning and memory pathway in the brain.
  • Increases activeness:

 After a good sleep, your mental awareness increases so you will be more active also your energy level will go high.
  • Athletic Performance:

        Our athletic performance is slightly linked to our good sleep. If you sleep well your athletic performance will be improved.
  • Improve Immune function:

    Good sleep improves the immune function of the human body great extent
  • Control body temperature:

Good sleep control your body temperature and energy required for the whole body.

  • Repair tissues and stimulate growth in children:

 In our body growth hormones released during sleep and it repairs tissues also responsible for the growth of children.

above benefits of good sleep are pointed out that “the importance of sleep for your healthy life” so sleep well.

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Effect of lack of sleep and the Importance of sleep for your healthy life.

  • Morning headaches
  • Lack of sleep affects emotion and social interaction
  • Daytime sleepiness, lethargy, and tiredness
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Chronic health problems such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, and diabetes
  • Lack of sleep makes you fat
  • Poor sleep increase inflammation

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How much sleep do we really need?

 The amount of sleep requires is vary from person to person by age and health. The following table shows the recommended sleep in hours in one day with different age groups.

Stage of Life Age Amount of sleep required
New Born 0-3 Months 14-17 Hours
Infant 4-11 Months 12-15 Hours
PreSchool 3-5 Years 10-13 Hours
School-age 6-13 Years 9-10 Hours
Teenager 14-17 Years 8-10 Hours
Young Adult 18-25 Years 7-9 Hours
Adult 26-64 Years 7-9 Hours
Older Adult 65 Years and above 7-9 Hours

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How to sleep well? Best healthy sleep tips

  • Best healthy sleep tips Fix the sleep pattern. Follow the sleep schedule, even during the holidays.
  • Keep sleep place different from activity place. When you want to sleep go to that fixed place and sleep well. Do activity like watching TV, playing mobile games, study, etc in another place. this one of “Best healthy sleep tips”
  • Avoid the brightness of light at the time of sleep as well as before sleep because our mind assumes there is still daytime. Nowadays most people are using mobile before going to bed for sleep causes very bad sleep. They can’t get quality sleep. Expose yourself to sunlight in the morning. these are the “best healthy sleep tips”
  • Avoid the use of the electronic device with the display at the time of sleep. If you want to use a laptop or mobile, use a nightlight mode of display. Nightlight can help you get to sleep you by displaying warmer colors at night. this also one of the most important best healthy sleep tips.
  • Avoid heavy meal in the evening, eating too much make discomfort from indigestion that makes hard to get sleep. this is also the best healthy sleep tips.
  • Keep a low light in the bedroom in the evening.
  • Before going to the bed do a calm activity like reading. It helps your body to go into sleep mode
  • Don’t consume caffeine, alcohol, and cigarette before going to sleep. this one of “Best healthy sleep tips“.
  • Exercise daily for healthy sleep
  • If you are having the trouble of sleep at night, avoid naps in the daytime. Don’t sleep in the afternoon
This is all about Best healthy sleep tips.

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