Kajal Aggarwal Diet Plan and Workout routine | Height | Weight | Age | Beauty secrets 2019

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Hello, We are going to discuss Kajal Aggarwal Diet Plan, Kajal Aggarwal Workout routine, Kajal Aggarwal Height, Kajal Aggarwal Weigh, Kajal Aggarwal Age, and Kajal Aggarwal Beauty secrets, before that know about her. Kajal Aggarwal (19 June 1985 ) was a Bollywood and Tollywood actress. She has an age of 33 years but in spite of that, she looks stunning with her glowing white skin.

Kajal Aggarwal Diet Plan and Workout routine

Kajal Aggarwal Diet Plan and Workout routine

Kajal Aggarwal has achieved many awards in the film industry and has a net worth of 66 crores. Here is a brief overview of the physical stats of Kajal Aggarwal.

Kajal Aggarwal Physical Stats

Kajal Aggarwal Height  5 foot 5 inches (165 cm approx..)

Kajal Aggarwal Weight  55 kgs (121lbs approx.)

Figure  32-36-32

Eye color  Black

Hair color   Dark brown

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Kajal Aggarwal Beauty Secrets

        It is well-known that Kajal believes in going natural and claims that she has not and can never go below the knife to boost her appearance. She goes to the gymnasium daily to remain slim and active.  Even with a really feverish schedule, she makes positive that she sleeps well and drinks plenty of water. 

Kajal Aggarwal contains a terribly disciplined exercise routine wherever she will weight lifting thrice in a very week and yoga on the opposite 3 days and keeps a balance between the 2 styles of exercises. She conjointly likes to swim often and goes for Artho-Pilates categories. Kajal Aggarwal prefers to be without make-up in her leisure time and does make make-up only on occasion or for any event depending on weather conditions.

Kajal Aggarwal also revealed that she could not like to hide her face behind the makeup mask rather than she would like to show her real face to the world.

Kajal Aggarwal Beauty Secrets For skin:-

Kajal Aggarwal is a firm believer in Natural products. She also said in her InterviewBe smart and go natural. Using natural ingredients is the best you can do for your skin and hair and to be beautiful from within. For my skin, I could bathe in coconut milk all day long.”

Kajal Aggarwal Beauty Secrets For Hair:-

Kajal Aggarwal simply says about hair   For my hair, it needs nothing more than a hot towel treatment with coconut oil. I just love it. You can also get the results you deserve for hair while getting the effective nourishment into your beautiful hair”.

Kajal Aggarwal says she also a big fan of coconut water and green tea and it would like the magic for her to body to drink a cup of green tea at morning and coconut water in the evening.

 According to the actress “For getting a charming face, proper intake of water in our body is a must. In one day, a person must take at least 2ltr of water. It cleanses the system from within and this reflects on your skin making it more charming and glowing ”.

Skin exfoliating importance and process of Kajal Aggarwal:-

“It will be beneficial to exfoliate your skin at least once a week to maintain a fresh and brightened the look. This removes the top layers of skin and reveals a lighter layer beneath as you literally peel off the dead cells and superficial pigmentation” says actress. Use natural scrubs like crushed almonds for exfoliation of your skin. They are safe yet works well.


Kajal Aggarwal Beauty Secrets

Kajal Aggarwal Beauty Secrets

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 Kajal Aggarwal Workout Routine

Kajal Aggarwal follow some rules before doing Workout:-

  1. Kajal Agarwal believes in working while not overdoing it or under-doing it because it will injure her body rather than building it, therefore, she never misses any of the physical exercise session neither she overdoes any strength-building exercise.
  2. She never goes too hard on train herself once it involves enhancing her body form.

Kajal Agarwal’s Basic Workout routine:-

Kajal Agarwal performs a basic workout routine of half an hour to keep her body fit and mind calm. She does Yoga thrice per week which has a hundred and fifty Surya namaskars at a stretch in a very day and higher weight coaching thrice per week.

About Exercise routine of Kajal Agarwal, she additionally indulges in strength coaching. Her travail set up includes exercises like a bridge that is helpful for glutes and back muscles, attacks exercise that improves flexibility and tones the thigh muscles, planks for strengthening the abdomen muscles and arms, dip exercise for the chest and hand and back muscles.

Kajal Agarwal even includes Russian twists to scale back abdomen fats that are effective for abdominal muscles. She will forty-five minutes of cardio on associate degree incline and one hour of Artho-Pilates once per week. She includes freehand exercises to tone her upper body and arms.

Kajal Aggarwal at gym with his gym Sriram Rayabaram

Kajal Aggarwal at the gym with his gym Sriram Rayabaram

Kajal Agarwal enjoys dancing which helps her to burn calories and maintain her figure. She takes the proper amount of sleep so her body feels fresh, healthy and active in the morning. This is all about Kajal Agarwal workout routine.

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Kajal Aggarwal diet plan

Kajal Aggarwal diet plan is the simplest diet plan you will ever see. So, let’s see her diet plan.

  • Breakfast

Kajal Agarwal eats oats, brown bread with peanut butter and egg whites which she now replaces with soya which helps to kick start her day.

  • Lunch

At lunch, she would like to eat salad, fruit, brown rice, legumes.

  • Evening

Kajal Agarwal drinks fresh juices of fruits in the evening.

  • Dinner

At dinner, she loves to eat crunchy aloo and fresh veg soup with some salad.

Kajal Aggarwal diet plan

Kajal Aggarwal diet plan

  • Kajol Aggarwal Cheat meal

She avoids milk products, white rice, processed food, packed food, junk food, cooked food and replaces sweet intake with dates. Kajal Agarwal has a pair of cheat days in a very week once she chucks her favorite food that features dish, paratha, dosa, idly, Hyderabadi biryani and cake.

However, she will further calculate on a consequent day to burn the additional calories from her body.

Kajal Aggarwal diet plan to get a glowing skin:-

Kajal Aggarwal prefers to sips on coconut water throughout the day which helps to flush the toxins out of the body. She also prefers to have green tea. She is a huge lover of vitamin C. Her fruit bowl contains lemons, oranges, and other citrus fruits.

Kajal Aggarwal Workout Video ( Source: Instagram)


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