Kriti Sanon Latest Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | May 2, 2019

Kriti Sanon Latest Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Hello, We are going to discuss Kriti Sanon Latest Workout Routine and Diet Plan. before going to discuss latest workout routine of Kirti Sanon and latest diet plan of Kirti Sanon let’s know about her. Kriti Sanon was born on 27 July 1990 in New Delhi, India. Although she is from a non-film background, her acting skills are very good. From school days, she takes an interest in acting and always wanted to be an actress. When she was studying in college, she paned in a website competition, where her sister Nupur Sanon clicked and sent her photos.

Fortunately, she won that online website competition and famous Indian photographer Dabboo Ratnani gave her a free portfolio. She also got a one year contract with a renowned modeling agency.

Kriti Sanon Latest Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Kriti Sanon is a great model and has been the first choice of many fashion designers like Ritu Bed, Niki Mahajan, and Suneet Varma. The Kriti Sanon was also good in studies, and she also got two job offers through the placement, but she refused to make her career in modeling and acting. She achieved great popularity in a very short time. here workout routine of Kriti Sanon, diet plan of Kriti Sanon, fitness regime of Kriti Sanon, Kriti Sanon gym routine, Kriti Sanon fitness tips is explained.

Kriti Sanon Latest Workout Routine –

Let’s know about the latest workout routine of Kriti Sanon. The Kriti Sanon says: “She gets so much praise for her thin waist”.

  • Kriti follows a killer workout routine. She likes to do Pilates.
  • She trains weight for about 4 to 5 times a week to keep her body tone. Whenever she can take time for this, she does yoga and pranayama.
  • She never misses Flexing and pumping in the gym.

Kriti Sanon yoga HD photo

Practice advice by Kriti Sanon: “Eat well, after every two hours, have small portions of food, follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Drink plenty of water. Exercise can be anything that works for the type of your body and which you enjoy doing – yoga, running, gym, weight training, dance or swimming.” The Kriti Sanon is very like kickboxing.

It keeps her tighter and is excellent for balance. Since she reduces weight significantly, especially around the face, this is the reason she likes kickboxing because it does not leave her with hollow-looking cheeks. The actress balances her workout session with a one or two year round. Dance can be fun and it also helps in losing weight according to it!

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Kriti Sanon’s latest diet plan

When you eat, it is important to see what you eat and the difference between your food is reduced by 2-2.5 hrs. If you are eating right and still not losing weight, then examine yourself by a nutrition specialist. You can eat something that is not suitable for your body. Exercise in some form every day to keep yourself healthy. More information about the diet plan of Kirti Sanon is given below.

Kriti Sanon Diet is very common – Dal, Roti, and Chawal (rice). She likes chicken curry or steamed rice with lentils with vegetables. The days when she feels heavy or over-the-counter, she has soup with salad or sandwich. Her dinners are usually lighter compared to her lunch.

Kriti Sanon Boxing exercise HD Photo

Kriti Sanon loves eating oats chia halva with jamun and when she is very hungry among the meetings, then there is always a box of nuts in her car or in her bag. If she has not eaten for a few hours or does not have time for a proper breakfast then she reaches out for some chocolate or banana. She also likes to take dates, it gives her instant energy. After a workout, she usually takes a protein shake or a protein bar.

She believes that it is necessary to have vegetables in some form. If she is eating too much meat, then she ensures that she has a green juice in her meal. Her favorite mix- spinach, cucumber, bottle gourd, amla, lime, mint and green apple. That’s all about “Latest diet plan of Kirti Sanon”.

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