Miles Bridges Workout Routine and Diet Plan

By | February 11, 2022

Miles Bridges the small forward for Charlotte Hornets, currently the MVP of the team he’s slaying the NBA, after getting back from the injury he is not leaving the yard. He has made a comeback with a huge impact. Now he just keeps getting better and better so what is exactly Miles Bridges doing to get so awesome on the court and keeping his great body shape with it. There’s a lot, so let’s get on it now.

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Miles Bridges Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Miles Bridges Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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Miles Bridges Body Measurements

Miles Bridges Height 6ft 6inch / 198cm
Miles Bridges Weight 102 kg
Miles Bridges Age 21 years
Wingspan 6 Ft 9.5 Inch / 207cm

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Miles Bridges Workout Routine

The workout routine of a small forward is really crazy and awesome to just watch. Literally you can feel good by just watching them train. Miles is also training super hard and he is in super amazing form. Just like others, he starts off with warming up the body and then goes some court running which gets your blood running inside your body.

Miles Bridges Workout

Miles Bridges Workout

Miles Bridges Workout Includes-

Miles Bridges Dribbling Workout

He starts off with dribbling practice, dribbling the ball all over the court from front to back, side to side and all the way. This is an important part of anyone’s training routine. Dribbling is the foundation of basketball and the more you practice it the better connection you can have with the ball while playing. 

Ball handling 

It looks kinda the same as dribbling and it is a lot similar but here he gets on with dribbling bald focusing on not losing grips while getting balls between his legs, etc. If you can’t handle the ball well you won’t be able to play right? That’s why this is also basic.

Form shooting 

Next up shooting, he goes to form shooting. These all are the basics of basketball which every player has to do no matter what position you play in. He keeps on shooting from every side to get a great shooting form and accuracy. More exercise routine of Miles Bridges is given below.

One on one 

Now, he practices with one defender going one on one leaving him and going for a layup or a hook shot. This is what gives you the actual match feel.

Miles Bridges jump

Miles Bridges jump

Step back shoot 

Now while doing one on one he shoots from taking one step back instead of going for a layup. This is when he can’t get past the defender and make a shot.

Miles Bridges Dunk Workout

This is the coolest shot considering, now a small forward won’t be considered a forward if he can’t dunk right? He practices a lot of dunks. Getting past defenders coming to dunk. 


He also practices lots of 3 pointer shots. Although it’s just when he can’t get inside and make a shot. This is not a strong point for him but yeah he does practice it well and hard.

Miles Bridges Weight training 

Weight training of Miles Bridges is focused on getting explosiveness and strength not to get him bulk. So when he does go to the gym to work out he focuses on going strong with fewer reps and making every rep as explosive as he can make. He focuses more on the chest, core, and lower body exercises. To become a better athlete in basketball.

This is all about Miles Bridges workout routine.

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Miles Bridges Diet Plan

The ‘diet plan of Miles Bridges’ is kinda simple and like all of the others. We still don’t know exactly what he eats. but here is the detail of the Miles Bridges diet plan which we have.

Miles Bridges Diet

Miles Bridges Diet

Miles Bridges Diet Includes-

  • We all know that the diet consists of milk products, chicken, turkey, salad and other veggies.
  • He drinks lots of water like gallons of water in a day and tries to eat 5 meals a day.
  • The meals are usually rich in protein and have sufficient amounts of carbs and vitamins.
  • Miles Bridges does take protein shake when working out in the gym.

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Miles Bridges meal

Miles Bridges meal

This is all about the Miles Bridges diet plan.

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Miles Bridges

Miles Bridges

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