Narendra Modi Diet Plan and Daily Routine [2020]

Today we are here with “NARENDRA MODI DIET PLAN  and NARENDRA MODI DAILY ROUTINE “. If you live in India and don’t know this man then seriously you are living in dark. Although Narendra Modi does not need an introduction but lets me first give his brief introduction.

Narendra Damodar Das Modi was born on 17th September 1950,  is the 14th and current Prime Minister of India and believe me this man is an inspiration for all our youth.

Narendra Modi Diet Plan and Daily Routine
Narendra Modi Diet Plan and Daily Routine

Being the Prime Minister of a large democratic country, he sleeps only 4 hours a day and constantly focusing on the development of his country. Narendra Modi is the most loved leader in the world after Barrack Obama. Also, Modi has tried it’s fullest to make India connections with other countries stronger.

PM Narendra Modi has more than 50 million followers on Twitter and has even more than 29.5 million followers on Instagram. 

Narendra Modi Body Measurement (Physical Stats)

Age  69 years 
Height  5 feet 7 inches (170 cm approx..)
Weight  165 lbs (75 kg approx..)
Zodiac sign  Virgo 
Hair White 
Eyes  Black 
Chest  42 inches 
Nationality  Indian

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Narendra Modi Diet Plan 

The Daily Diet of Narendra Modi is extremely straightforward vegetarian tasty healthy dishes. He takes diet and sugar-free tea in the morning. In breakfast, he takes healthy protein made breakfast.

In lunch, he takes hyped up chapatti and vegetable dish whereas he takes khichari in dinner when that hot sort cow milk.

It’s an accepted fact that PM Modi is strictly vegetarian and loves straightforward Gujarati food. However, what you would possibly not apprehend is that khichdi happens to be his most favorite Gujarati dish.

PM Modi had said on his terribly 1st Google hangout however he likes to do yoga and the way that is one in all his most vital fitness mantras.

Narendra Modi Diet Plan 
Narendra Modi Diet Plan

Modi is one in all the primary Prime Ministers to eat the employee’s canteen and once he did he opted for a feeder thali that featured saag, salad, dal, and curry. After finishing the feeder thali at the Parliament canteen, PM Modi ordered a salad.

On many occasions, we have seen PM Modi elect a straightforward Gujarati thali.

Let’s see the 5 favorite dishes of PM Modi 

  • White Khatta Dhokla

This nourishing, protein-free Gujarati snack is among the highest favorites of Modi Ji. It’s kind of like south Indian snack idli, however a lot of spongy.

  • Khilli hui Khichdi

No matter however boring we discover khichdi and classify it as a food item to be ingested only we tend to are unwell, we tend to cannot ignore its advantages. Khichdi is straightforward to digest, terribly nourishing and aids in digestion.

  • Besan Khandvi

Again a Gujarati snack item, that’s each tasty and healthy. A combination of besan, milk, and seasoning with some spices creates it a mouth-watering dish.

  • Undhiyu

It is a classic Gujarati dish that’s cooked with a ton of vegetables in an aromatic mix of spices. It may be served as a main dish or a dish. This Gujarati dish is preferred by all and therefore, by our Prime Minister too.

  •  Almond Pistachio Shrikhand

A Gujarati dessert recipe, it’s served chilled counterpart to all or any the new and spicy curries. Healthy daft like almonds and pistachios area unit used for it’s garnishing. For all people who have an appetite, Narendra Modi’s favorite dessert could be a should try for everybody. This is all about the Narendra Modi diet plan.

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Narendra Modi Daily Routine 

Narendra Modi Ji wakes up at 5:00 AM and starts his day with yoga and meditation for 30-45 minutes on a daily. By 8:00 AM, he attends to his calls of party employees and friends. If he is in Old Delhi, at 9:00 AM, he will his breakfast sometimes a Gujarati one in fewer amounts and checks his Tweets and private websites before reaching PM workplace at 9:30 am sharp.

Narendra Modi Daily Routine 
Narendra Modi Daily Routine

He gets informing by his secretary regarding a daily schedule that incorporates the main points of his meeting with ministers, officers. He checks files and shows given by PMO officers and ministers throughout the day.

Narendra Modi Ji has his lunch by 12:30 PM and later works until 9:00 PM and has his dinner at constant time. often he takes breaks in between supported feasibleness.

His time schedules might vary supported his tours to varied states and foreign countries. Throughout the day, he interacts with folks via tweets, and his websites while not fail. Narendra Modi Ji works for 16 hrs that too at the age of sixty-nine may be a commendable effort he puts sure the welfare of the country. This is all about Narendra Modi daily routine.

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Narendra Modi Workout Video

Narendra Modi Instagram Photos

Narendra Modi Man ki bat Instagram Photo
Narendra Modi Man ki bat Instagram Photo
Narendra Modi Exercise
Narendra Modi Exercise
Narendra Modi Yoga
Narendra Modi Yoga
Narendra Modi Yoga HD Instagram Photo
Narendra Modi Yoga HD Instagram Photo

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