5 Side effects of Tea that you didn’t know

By | October 23, 2019
Side effects of Tea

Side effects of Tea ( Pic Credit: Shishir Gaikwad )

Hello, We are going to tell you the main side effects of Tea. Tea is not a food for Indian people, but it’s an addiction. I can bet that most of the Indian people can’t start there day without a cup of Tea or might be a cup of tea is the first thing you grab when you come home from the office. You will be surprised to know that Tea contains less caffeine than coffee and in the world, more than 3000 varieties of Tea are found.

In fact, Tea is used as a medicine for cough and light fever. Also, It keeps your body warm in monsoon and winter. Therefore with so many, benefits Drinking Tea is a part of lifestyle for many peoples.

However, we all know that no one is perfect in this world, and Tea also comes with some side effects.

So, here are SIDE EFFECTS OF TEA that you didn’t know.

  • Deficiency of Iron

Tea has tannic acid, which means if you eat a lot of Tea, you may face diseases like Anemia as drinking excessive tea causes a deficiency of iron. It is advisable that you should consume Tea after at least one hour of taking your meal.

The reason behind this is Tea has antioxidants like flavonoids, which are helpful in many diseases, but they reduce the content of iron from the food you eat like beans, dairy products, and other vegetables.

  • Caffeine 

Although Tea doesn’t have high caffeine as coffee still Tea also has caffeine issues like drinking excessive Tea can cause you insomnia, high blood pressure, and it can make you nervous and jittery.

Research also shows that caffeine also provides artificial relaxation to your brain nerves, but in reality, caffeine adversely affects the nerves of your brain and affects the creativity and thinking capacity of your brain negatively. People who drink Tea are more often to be less creative than the people who don’t drink Tea.

Also, Tea is proven to good for women but during pregnancy, women should avoid Tea as it increases the chances of miscarriage.

  • Sugar Overload: Side effects of Tea

It’s merely your choice whether you want to add sugar in your Tea but, if you are buying bottled ice tea from markets, then they are loaded with sugar already.

In that case, if you are a diabetes patient or you have low insulin stay away from these Tea available in the market instead you can opt for a homemade tea without sugar.

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  • Tinted teeth 

A cup of tea might be made your day, but, did you know that it can hue your teeth and Stains them. This is the harsh fact that applies to most beverages like coffee, tea, and wine.

However, this is not a big issue you can prevent your teeth by staining if you brush ideally after drinking beverage.

  • Anxiety

People mostly used to drink Tea when they are feeling tired or stressed out, but, for your knowledge, Tea contains caffeine.

Excessive caffeine can cause a toll on your mental health, giving you restless nights and more anxiety than before. There usually is 15 to 16 milligrams caffeine in one cup of Tea means a moderate amount of Tea also has much caffeine that can start adverse effects on your brain.

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As I have told you earlier Tea has less caffeine than coffee and obviously, Tea is more beneficial than most of the beverages, and there is no harm in consuming a small amount of Tea unless you are pregnant or suffering from any specific disease.

But, don’t get addicted to it like most people in India can’t even start their day without consuming a cup of Tea. You should know everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

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