Tamanna Bhatia diet plan, workout routine and beauty secrets

By | June 21, 2019
Tamanna Bhatia diet plan, workout routine and beauty secrets

Tamanna Bhatia diet plan, workout routine and beauty secrets

Hello, We are going to discuss Tamanna Bhatia diet plan, workout routine and beauty secrets, Before going to discuss diet plan, workout routine and beauty secrets of Tamanna Bhatia, let’s know about her. Tamanna Bhatia was born on 21 December 1989. She is an Indian actress who appears mainly in Tamil and Telugu films, But now she has also appeared in several Hindi films. Apart from acting, she also participates in the stage show. She is a leading celebrity endorser for so many brands and products.


  Tamanna Bhatia is one of the most beautiful and humble actresses of the South Indian film industry. Her slim figure, star eyes, ceramic skin, and deep locks thrive in her breathtaking beauty. And to look good on the screen, Tamanna Bhatia takes good care of herself and regularly does workouts. But, there is something else that helps Tamanna look fresh and her energy level high, it’s her healthy lifestyle.

She looks beautiful not only in movie screens as well as off-screen. Her healthy lifestyle makes her fresh and energetic. Tamanna Bhatia is known as “Milky Beauty” because of her beautiful skin. She has a fit body and a hot figure. Every woman wants to know Tamanna Bhatia beauty secrets, fitness regime and diet plans to stay healthy and in shape like her.

Tamanna Bhatia Beauty Secrets

Here are all beauty secrets of Tamanna Bhatia.

Tamanna Bhatia beauty tips,

Tamanna Bhatia beauty tips,

  • Tamanna’s mother had advised her not to use any fairness cream. Because she knows that using fairness creams is harmful to her milky skin but her fair skin complexion was a natural beauty and genetic.
  • One of her beauty tips that makes her look grand, “You should always smile” which adds an extra bit to your look.
  • Tamanna Bhatia keeps her lips hydrated from the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil.
  • Sometimes she uses cold water to wash her face, which helps to cool her skin and pores. Tamanna Bhatia also uses natural aloe vera gel on her face to moisturize her skin and improve the texture.
  • She always chooses very special products for her skin which has no chemicals.
  • Tamanna Bhatia regularly explores her skin using herbal scrub, which makes her skin look healthy.
  • She often massages her hair and scalp with coconut oil.
  • Tamanna Bhatia likes to use a homemade face pack. Tamanna repeatedly uses a mixture of gram flour, turmeric and neem leaves in the form of facial or scrub to rejuvenate her skin and apply the face pack of sandalwood to restore the glow of her face and her skin makes fresh again. This is all about the beauty secrets of Tamanna Bhatia.

Tamanna Bhatia Diet Plan

Now let’s talk about the diet plan of Tamanna Bhatia. Tamanna Bhatia eats simple and healthy foods. She takes care of simple and healthy food. Tamanna Bhatia strictly adheres to the diet chart prepared by so popular celebrity diet expert Pooja Makhija. Tamanna Bhatia Daily Diet routine:


  • Morning – 1 cup lime juice and honey in lukewarm water, and 6 wet almonds.
  • Breakfast – Idli / Dosa / Dalia
  • Lunch – 1 cup boiled rice, 1 cup dal, and vegetable
  • Dinner – chicken / egg whites / fish, vegetable / mustard seeds

In the morning Tamanna likes to take rich food from carbohydrate in the morning. So, idli or pancake (dosa) is one of the best options. Taken with chutney or sambar makes it very tasty and healthy. Dalia diet is a rich source of fiber. It prevents the body’s absorption of fat and enhances satiety. White rice or brown rice with vegetables and lentils is a well-balanced meal, which has a good amount of nutrients. Tamanna likes to eat protein-rich foods for dinner. It helps in promoting its metabolism.

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Tamanna Bhatia Workout Routine / Exercise Plan

Tamanna Bhatia exercise tips

exercise tips by Tamanna Bhatia

  • Tamanna Bhatia works out every day for at least one hour and she never leaves the session.
  • Her basic workout routine includes burning of extra calories, strengthening muscle strength and endurance, abs and cardio to do free hand exercises.
  • Tamanna Bhatia workout routine includes functional training to improve flexibility, endurance, balance, and strength and improve endurance.
  • She has included Pilates in her fitness regime, which is a full body workout that helps in managing back pain. Pilates helps to hit the core muscles.
  • Tamanna Bhatia does yoga regularly to improve her body’s posture, she relieves herself and heals her mind. She combines the rugs to shape her body and increase flexibility.
  • Tamanna Bhatia meditates for a few minutes every day to disseminate her energy and calm her body and mind.
  • She sometimes dances and makes aerobics to bring some changes in her workout routine.
  • Whenever she gets time, she goes for swim approx an hour. This is all about the exercise routine of Tamanna Bhatia.

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