George Mackay Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Fitness Training for Movie 1917 (2020)

George Mackay Workout Routine and Diet Plan | Fitness Training for Movie 1917: George Mackay has been well known for his acting but now he has starred in the movie 1917 based on World War 1. Which he did a lot of intense training and workout to make that body stricter of a military person. They were in mountains and trenches for the shooting, in which the climate condition was different because they had to adapt all of that while keeping him in shape for the movie.

In this article, we focused on George Mackay workout routine, George Mackay diet plan, George Mackay fitness regime, George Mackay gym routine, George Mackay meal plan, and George Mackay physical stats ie George Mackay height, George Mackay weight.

George Mackay Workout Routine and Diet Plan
George Mackay Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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George Mackay Body Measurements 

George Mackay Height6ft
George Mackay Weight75kg
Chest 38inch

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George Mackay Workout Routine | Fitness Training for Movie 1917

George Mackay Workout
George Mackay Workout

George Mackay followed a military workout for the movie, 1917. Which consists of running for miles and doing push-ups a lot, also keeping his body well-shaped he did lots of weight training. He starts the workout with cardio and builds his stamina.

George Mackay Workout Includes-

Chest workout he makes sure to keep the weight more and make his sets explosive and keep the reps less.

Shoulders workout, he does 4 sets of every shoulder exercise. The workout routine consists of doing heavy weighted military press and side laterals. After that, he continues to upright rows, seated dumbbell press, to shrugs. 

Back workout, he does the same sets with good weight and 10 to 12 reps. Staring lat pulldowns going to pulley rows, one-arm dumbbell rows, barbell rows, and deadlift. More about George Mackay workout is given below.

Arms, where he focuses on whole arms from biceps, triceps, and forearms. Same 4 sets and 10 to 12 reps.  It’s a well-maintained Workout.

Legs and core, he goes to legs and cares on the last day of the 5th day. The training of legs is as intense as other workouts with sane 4 sets and 10 to 12 reps.

(he does military drills every day before workout)

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George Mackay Fitness
George Mackay Fitness

This is all about workout routine of George Mackay.

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George Mackay Diet Plan

George Mackay Diet
George Mackay Diet

The George Mackay diet plan is not something special, just consists of a good amount of protein and stays on eating balanced food consisting of everything that George Mackay wants. He takes 4 to 6 meals every day divided perfectly. This is all about George Mackay diet plan.

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